PRESS RELEASE – Kajaani, Finland: This summer the Nordic eSports Academy, developed and operated by Kajaani University of

Applied Sciences, takes a significant step towards bringing eSports into mainstream education.

The 4 week “Bootcamp” will run from 12.06 to 06.07 in Kajaani, culminating in a 3 day Counter

Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament with a prize pool of 10,000€, one of the largest

prize pools in Finland this year.

Gamers over the age of 16 years old who have ambitions to be professional eSports athletes

have the opportunity to receive 4 weeks of lectures, workshops and hands-on coaching by top

experts from Finland and international guests for a fee of 150€. Initial confirmed coaches

include Mia Stellberg, the leading sports psychologist who famously helped CS:GO team

Astralis achieve peak performance, retired CS:GO professional Joona “Natu” Leppänen, retired

CS:GO professional Ville “cisu” Leppälä. There is a lot of more interesting names in the

bootcamp, and you can see the full list from website.

Registration for the 2017 NeSA Bootcamp is still open and we have some places still left.

Registration will be closed as soon as those last places are taken. Applications are being

accepted from individuals and also existing teams who want to continue developing together.

The Bootcamp will combine a series of lectures and workshops with hands-on expert coaching

while students practice gameplay. Graduating students will

walk away not only with new knowledge and improved skills, but also with 10 ECTS credits that

can be used towards ongoing higher education.

Players of all eSports titles are invited to attend the 2017 Bootcamp, where lectures and

workshops will cover a variety of topics related to Mental coaching, Physical coaching, the

eSports Business world and player testing & metrics. The content has been designed to be

applicable to all players, although hands-on coaching this year will focus on Counter Strike

Global Offensive.

The 4 week Bootcamp reaches a climax on Friday 07.07 with the start of the 3-day NeSA 2017

CS:GO Tournament. Bootcamp students have the opportunity to register for pre-qualifying

stages during the last week of training, with the best 8 teams going through to battle against 8

professional teams for a slice of the 10,000€ prize pool. NeSa will start publishing professional

teams in beginning of May.

Register for Bootcamp here

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