OG won Manila Major, ESL-One Frankfurt back to back, can they conquer TI6?

Here we are, a few weeks away from The International 2016. Only a couple more of teams to qualify and we are ready to go. But let us be honest here, the teams with the highest chances to win theOG_Frankfurt_winner prestigious event and take the Aegis are already qualified or were directly invited in Seattle by Valve. Among them is OG, a team who came from no were last fall that went on to win the Frankfurt Major, much to everyone’s surprise, defeating CDEC, European powerhouse Team Secret, and the former TI5 champions, Evil Geniuses, on their way to victory. By also winning the Manila Major, they became the first team to win two official Valve events.

Since their formation last 31st of October 2015, where they were formerly known as (monkey) Business, their roster remained the same. The only modification they did was adding Steve ‘’Xcalibur’’ Ye as a sub in March 2016.

Now, can OG win the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament of all time? Or, should I say, can another team defeat them and prevent them from winning the Aegis?

Without having a definitive answer to that question and without either going too deep into data crunching and statistical prevision, we can safely assume that they rock some the most proficient teams. Individually, aside from Miracle, none of the players really stand-out. But their teamfight timing is near perfect. All the time.

Let’s talk about the team’s stellar player. Amer “Miracle-’’ Barqawi is a god among mere mortals. He’s without question the best mid-player right now. Aside from his 9k MMR is the fact that he can play any hero and any role, even support (but let us come back to this later). You can’t ban him out of the game. His hero pool is so vast that even if the opposing team captain tries to ban his favored picks, he just plays another hero given to him by Fly, no matter what position it is. There are some other very good mid players out there like Sumail, Mushi, and s4 to name a few. But they are all optimal on a handful of heroes. An example is s4 who rarely, if not never, played Invoker in competitive games.

OG.Miracle and OG.Fly

The Opposition

Who can take down OG? The list is very short: Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. Why no other you ask? Because Kuroky and PPD are the only two captains I can see out-drafting and outplaying Fly and his team. You can’t beat perfect timing without perfect timing. Na’Vi at no point in ESL-One Frankfurt Grand Finals were close to taking one game off from OG. For the third game, Miracle- left his favored midlane to go with a hard support Lion, where he performed brilliantly.

All in all, OG is a very well-oiled killing machine that is feared by all other teams. Aside from their weak spell in March 2016 (Shanghai Major and Dota 2 Pit League Season 4), they only improved. Finishing 4th at StarLadder I-league Invitational, 3rd at Epicenter, and champions of DreamLeague Season 5, The Manila Major and ESL-One Frankfurt 2016.

So, can a team prevent OG from bringing home the Aegis? Probable, but unlikely.

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