OG Remains Undefeated In The i-League Starseries Groupstage

OG are dominating the pro scene once again in the currently happening i-league Starseries Season 3 LAN. In their group stages they have managed to defeat TNC Pro Team 2-0 and Team Secret 2-0. Their victory came easy against TNC but they made a surprising comeback against Team Secret in both the games. Where OG.Ana gave amazing performances on Storm Spirit and Invoker.

OG lead the group A standings 4-0. Right behind them are Team Secret with a score of 2-2 after a 0-2 loss against OG and a 2-0 win against iG.Vitality. As a result of these two wins, OG is directly advancing to the semifinals as the top seed of their Group.

Other Matches To Look Forward To

The i-league Starseries Group A has it’s own big teams. But Group B is no less in comparison. With three giants, DC, Team Liquid, Wings Gaming and the fairly new team VG.J, group B seems to be lots of entertainment for us fans.

Personally, I’m certainly hoping for OG and Team Liquid to be in the finals! The 9k team vs the team that gave starting grounds to Miracle-, and is well known for their strong bond outside and inside the game! It would definitely be one exciting matchup. However, there’s lots of games more to come.

Will OG take another trophy home in addition to $135,000? Or will one of the unexpected teams take home the prize? It’s certainly something to be excited about!

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