Following a disappointing last operation in Shattered Web, Valve has dropped a new operation entitled Broken Fang — it includes new maps and modes, and a way to track statistics.

New maps and easier communication

The new Defusal map called Ancient is set in a South African temple. Additionally, seven new maps, including Ancient, Frostbite, Elysion, have been added to the game. Also, the highly requested feature of pinging locations is now available. This feature allows you to select locations to make it easier to communicate precise locations with teammates. It is also easier for those without mics to communicate using a chat wheel that you can customize under Keyboard/Mouse settings in-game.

While both of these features are in Valorant, it is good to see Counter-Strike bringing these features in the game to improve communication.


New modes

No longer will players have to go into community servers to practice retakes. Valve has introduced 3v4 retakes, although it requires the purchase of Operation Broken Fang. However, they added a twist in that you choose a loadout card at the beginning of each round to determine the guns and utility you have. Also, with the purchase of the operation pass, you can play competitive 5v5 with map picks and bans. This is very similar to the FACEIT system, although the servers are 64 tick.

The final addition is the statistics page. Here, you can see your weapon performance, individual map performance, and individual performance. No longer will you have to reference a third party website to see your kill/death ratio, matches played, or ADR. The Operation also brings new agents, a new case, and four new collections of skins and cases, including a new set of gloves.

To see the operation release’s full details, you can refer to the CS:GO blog post.

Zain Merchant
Zain Merchant is an Esports writer who has previously worked with Team Dignitas. He loves FPS games such as COD, Valorant, Rainbow Six, and Counter-Strike.