Female Professional Overwatch player Geguri escapes criticism after proving herself innocent of cheating.

Geguri at Inven

Geguri(right) in an interview with Inven

This story is definitely one for the books. Enter Geguri, a Korean Professional Overwatch player with an 80% win rate in a total of 420 games played. Pretty impressive, especially since Geguri is actually a 17-year old girl in real life! Hard to believe? Apparently, a lot of professional players seemed to think so. In fact, most people following the Overwatch scene thought there was some kind of trick involved. A lot of the speculations lied in the fact that she hits her enemies with an astounding level of accuracy. Geguri was then accused of cheating. It got so bad that two professional Overwatch players even went so far as to announce they would quit the game if she is proven innocent. Even after Blizzard Korea tried to clear her name, the rumors just would not die down.

Overwatch hero Zarya

Geguri’s Zarya hitting with incredible accuracy

In a valiant move to shut down these accusations, Geguri decided to do a livestream of herself playing the game. Inven, a Korean website, invited her to prove everyone wrong once and for all. She had cameras monitoring her every move. Using the tanky Zarya, she expertly used her skills with perfect timing no different from her usual ass-kicking. She showed everyone that she really is just that good. Towards the end, she was seen breaking down into tears after admitting the stress she had to deal with when everyone thought she was cheating.

Recognizing their mistakes, the two professional players who swore they would quit the game did exactly that.  She even got formal apologies from the people who tried to bring her down. A good story with a happy ending indeed. However, the bigger issue here is that most of the concern was over her being a female gamer owning a male-dominant competitive scene. If she were an ordinary gamer (err, male), her level of skill would not even be raising eyebrows. Is it really that hard to believe girl gamers can be just as good as men in eSports, if not better? This incident is not just a victory for Geguri, but for all other female gamers who wish to excel in the eSports industry. Cheers to the ladies!

Here’s her livestream below:

Video from: Inven’s Youtube Page

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