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Director Jeff Kaplan had a lot to say about Overwatch in a recent interview with PCGames, including a sneak peek at the upcoming Summer Games event. It looks like we are going to be getting the same old Lucioball once again this year.

What is Lucioball?

Lucioball is essentially Rocket League in Overwatch, but instead of playing with cars, players play Lucio. To be more explicit, it’s a 3-on-3 soccer game where everyone plays as Lucio. His abilities are slightly different though.

To hit the ball, Lucio can either punch it with his primary fire or boop it with his alternate fire. His alternate fire hits it harder, but it has a cooldown. He can also speed boost and ride walls to get around faster. His ultimate is completely different, giving him a huge speed boost and removing the cooldown from his alternate fire.

Lucio Ball

Fans have been asking for other modes

Lucioball has been a staple of Overwatch‘s Summer Games event since it was first held in 2016. There have been slight changes to the mode over the years, but it’s essentially the same each year. As a result of this, many Overwatch players have been asking for a different game mode.

Kaplan shut down the possibility of any such thing occurring in the near future though; players will only get Lucioball. He stated in the interview, “Again, we’re not adding a new sport – there won’t be a new [Lucioball] (or Lucio Hockey is what everyone really wants). We won’t be adding that, but we’re putting some cool twists on the existing content and trying to keep the game fresh.”

With this in mind, players can at least expect some minor changes to Lucioball again this year. The Summer Games event will likely return to Overwatch around early August. Stay tuned for more updates.

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