PUBG raises $1M for charity

This evening, the PGI 2018 raised $1 million for charity! The prize was distributed across the top three teams – Team PAPA, Team ALPHA, and Team FOX – and will go toward their chosen charity.

Team PAPA (members: Evermore, Juankorea, GOLD_SimSn, and GOLD_EscA) took the final round by storm and came out on top winning $600,000 for their chosen charity. The team played a tense yet sensible round and made sure every move was worth it.

Team ALPHA (mifengaaa, 4AM_GodV, 4AM_GuCun, 4AM_Kenny) had some tricky situations but made it out with pure dedication to the cause. Alpha raised $300,000 between them and took second place.

And finally, Team FOX (VLDL-Ben, VLDL-Rowan, KNIGHTS_Voxsic, and KNIGHTS_TEXQS) took a third-place victory, raising the remaining total of $100,000.

PGI 2018 charity

Overall, every single fan and team can be proud of what PUBG players have achieved today. $1 million is a huge sum and using the event to support charities is a huge step into PUBG and the charities’ future.

However, it doesn’t stop there! We are still expected to see the first-person perspective matches tomorrow. The first match will begin at 15:00 CEST.

Let us know your predictions for the PGI 2018 finale tomorrow in the comments.

Steven Thompson
Huge fan of PUBG, Project Cars and Dirt Rally - I'm currently studying a film and photography degree and I also love mountain biking

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