If PH eSports was a movie, it would not a blockbuster hit. It’s one of the independent films being presented to a specialized group of target audience, waiting for the larger public to give it a shot. This is an industry craving to taste the limelight.

After the success of ESL One Manila last April, Manila Majors is just around the corner. The hangover is still there but Filipinos braced themselves for more. Major network and media partnered with the coverage of how these events will unfold. Private organizations and enthusiasts created buzz in social media for the magnitude of such events. Will this entice other sectors to take a look on what the industry has to offer?

In the Philippines, economic sector has not seen the growing industry of PH eSports. With the word ‘gaming’ comes a negative connotation. The community is toxic and Filipinos are known as “keyboard warriors”. Several factors may cause this phenomenon. People don’t see gaming as a profession because it lacks exposure and support from larger organizations. The opportunities for the international competitive scene have not been maximized. Only few Filipino teams have been participating in international tournaments and they are not fully supported. That is why these teams had a hard time standing out among their international competitors.

The ESL One Dota 2 tournament had a prize pool of P11.5 million while the upcoming Manila Majors will have a whooping P141 million. Undoubtedly, this proves that there is something in the PH eSports industry that can attract sectors to invest. It’s a nudge that the Philippines should reconsider PH eSports as major market revenue. There is so much potential in the industry and it has been put in waste.

These two major tournaments are sparks to the fire we have all been waiting for. Are PH eSports really are on the rise?

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