PUBG Corp has announced a $3 million donation to the Chinese Red Cross Association. This news comes after the announced delay of their Chinese Global Series qualifiers because of the coronavirus outbreak.

On February 4, the South Korean game publisher spoke about their donation in a Weibo post. The roughly translated statement reads:

“The epidemic affects people’s hearts, and love knows no borders. We would like to extend our sincere respect to all medical workers and staff who are currently fighting in the front line to help prevent and control the epidemic.”

At the end of the post, they had hashtagged “#Fighting new pneumonia corporate public interest in action.” Many followers responding to the post showed praise and appreciation for their contribution.

More donations underway

Before this donation, Chinese PUBG publisher and tech giant Tencent had also contributed money to China. They sent masks and supplies to Wuhan hospitals in an effort to fight the virus. 

Not only PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp has been dealing with scheduling issues ever since the outbreak worsened. On January 30, they delayed one of their most important events due to health concerns. Once the virus was found to be globally spreading, it forced other organizations to take action.

For instance, Riot Games asked LPL casters to temporarily leave China until the health scare dies down. It also forced the Overwatch League to postpone their homestand event until later in the season.

While the coronavirus has spread globally, it continues to be a predominant threat in China. According to the World Health Organization, there are 24,554 confirmed cases so far worldwide. As they update the numbers daily, death tolls in China keep rising. As other esports teams have postponed their games, it relieves many fans to find out players are attempting to stay safe.

Currently, the LPL, LDL, PCS, PUBG Champions League, WESG, Overwatch League Homestand, and ESL One Los Angeles Chinese qualifiers have all been postponed due to the virus. We will keep you updated on the development of the coronavirus as it relates to esports.

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