PUBG Sanhok Forty-Fivers

PUBG has released a new limited-time event mode named Sanhok Forty-Fivers.

The Tommy Gun, Win94, R45, P1911, and throwables are the available weapons in this week’s event mode. Also, players can find the Vector, level-three gear, and extra 0.45 ACP rounds from crates that drop randomly in the rounds.


The general rules applied to the event mode are as follows:

– Four-man squads. Auto-matching can be turned on or off
– 80 maximum players (20 teams of four players)
– Red zones are disabled
– Killer spectating enabled
– Weather set to “Overcast”
– Teamkilling disabled

When is Sanhok Forty-Fivers available?

You can play the event mode now! The event started on August 2nd at 7 :00pm PST and will run through August 5th until 7:00pm PST.

So, go and play some fun rounds and let us know what you think of the event mode down in the comments!

Steven Thompson
Huge fan of PUBG, Project Cars and Dirt Rally - I'm currently studying a film and photography degree and I also love mountain biking