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Musicians Terrance “Pusha T” Thornton, Sir Robert Bryson “Logic” Hall II, and Mike “Upscale Vandal” Camargo have joined GG Group as co-owners. Founded in 2018, the GG Group owns professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive organization Chaos Esports Club.

Pusha T was seen supporting Chaos on Twitter after their upset versus 100Theives. In a short but simple tweet, Pusha T exclaimed, “GG fellas” and tagged each member of the team. Fans quickly took notice of Pusha T’s support and theorized it might have been a jab at his adversary, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, who is part owner of 100Thieves. At the time, the tweets caused waves throughout the community as they attributed them as a snuff to Drake.

Pusha T, Logic and more join esports

On August 25, Chaos announced GG Group’s partnership with Pusha T, Logic, and Upscale Vandal. In their open letter, Chaos revealed that they’re developing a diverse ownership group whose goal is to support causes fighting social and racial injustice. GG Group’s unique board of owners is planning to “reintroduce” Chaos Esports Club in a manner that aligns with the organization’s new initiatives. Said Pusha T, “my main call to action was to focus on the lack of inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry.”

According to an interview with Complex,  the organization states its goal is to provide “authentic and immersive content related to gaming.” Chaos’ letter addresses the world’s chaotic state saying it intends to use Chaos Esports Club “as a resource to incite change,” and lists two grassroots organizations it supports. Furthermore, President of GG Group Ramon Gamble says their goal is to develop Chaos’ non-competitive roster. They hope to sign more “people from underrepresented communities” in the future. Moreover, Gamble GG Group committed to using its outreach to amplify and support organizations that align with its overall mission.

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