The Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion will be the last Hearthstone expansion of 2018. Today, we will be taking a look at the cards revealed by various streamers on Nov. 21. Here are our initial impressions of the newest Rastakhan’s Rumble cards!

High Priest Thekal

High Priest Thekal is the Paladin Loa. At first, this card looks good, but looking at it further this card might just be insane. It has good stats with a very useful effect for builds of midrange and Control Paladin. On top of all of this, it solves the main problem Paladin had with healing cards. Paladin often had trouble getting damaged, reducing the effectiveness of their healing resources.


blast wave

Blast Wave

Blast Wave is the new mage spell, and the first spell using the Overkill mechanic. It is important to state that Overkill will trigger on each individual kill of the Blast Wave’s effect, giving you up to 14 random Mage spells to your hand if the situation presented itself. Though the hand size limit in Hearthstone is only 10. Our first thoughts on this card are positive. Another high-cost AoE spell is something Mage will never get enough of, especially the Control Mage archetype.

Gugubashi Hypemon

Gurubashi Hypemon

Gurubashi Hypemon is interesting. The mana of this Rogue card is very high, which concerns me, but its effect has the potential to be game-changing. At worst this card will be extremely useful in Arena, with it having a small chance of seeing play in Constructed.

Masked Contender

Masked Contender

Masked Contender was leaked a few hours before ZoomHS, a streamer from Peru, could show it officially. The card resembles an older Hearthstone card, Mad Scientist, although this is certainly much weaker than Mad Scientist. With Masked Contender being a neutral card, both Mage and Hunter will love to test how this card can strengthen their deck.


Soup Vendor

Soup Vendor

Soup Vendor is probably just not a great card. Restoring 3 or more health to your hero is not something many classes have the ability to do in Standard or Arena. The main use of this card could be for some type of Reno-style deck, using only one copy of many different cards in the Wild format. Besides this, finding a way to pull this active off consistently is not something that happens in the Standard format.

Revenge of the Wild

Revenge of the Wild

Revenge of the Wild is a card that is going to define the Hunter class. No doubt about it. The pure strength and flexibility of this card on top of its ridiculously low mana cost makes this a contender for the single most powerful card of the entire set. The main uses of this card would be based around the current Beast Hunter deck, but with extra tools as a card like Unleash the Hounds. Unleash could make a return into the metagame, strengthening some of the worse matchups the Hunter deck has right now.



The uses of Likkim are quite variable. The first thought went to how this card would affect Even Shaman, one of the most powerful decks in the Wild format. The strength of this card is very high, even if you assume it only sees play in a deck like Shudderwock Shaman. While it is great to see the Shaman class have some new weapons at their disposal, historically they have been meta-defining. Cards like Jade Claws, Spirit Claws, and Doomhammer have shaped the Aggressive Shaman over the years which was never a good thing for the overall Hearthstone meta.


Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank is not to be underestimated. While the traditional Miracle Rogue deck has been off the radar for a while, we believe it has a good shot at making a comeback. A tool like this would be a perfect fit.

Amani War Bear

Amani War Bear

Amani War Bear is just a big beast. Though much worse than some of the other beasts we have seen this expansion, it might find a place. Beast Hunter is shaping up to be the best deck of Rastakhan’s Rumble already, and it has clear synergy with the aforementioned Revenge of the Wild.

rabble bouncer

Rabble Bouncer

A neutral anti-aggro tool that is unlikely to see the light of day in Constructed. However, Rabble Bouncer is sweet for Arena. With a common rarity and really decent stats at reduced mana cost, this card is exactly what you are looking for in your slower Arena drafts.

That is all for today, so make sure to stop by again to stay up to date with all new card announcements coming in the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion for Hearthstone on Dec. 4. For more coverage, check out our first look at the cards revealed on the debut reveal stream. The second reveal stream will be Nov. 28 on the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel.

Photo credit: Hearthstone Wiki – Gamepedia

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