Kiev Major Open Qualifiers #1

Lots and lots of teams and players have signed up for the Kiev Major open qualifiers. And we got to see old and new players in their games. Even SingSing was a part of the open qualifiers in his team Beanboys. We got to see lots of action from the caster’s team, Veggies, as well. However every single match is not as entertaining to follow so here are the results of the open qualifiers.

In the North American #1 qualifiers, CompLexity took the entire bracket quite easily. And Wheel Whreck take the second spot and advance to the regional qualifiers as the Veggies team give Whreck a victory even after completely stomping them. So from NA, CompLexity and Wheel Whreck are advancing to the regional qualifiers.

From the South-American region, four teams advanced to the regional qualifiers. And they are Union Gaming, Team Unknown (yes, unknown as in the Pokemon), Mad Kings and Vultur. We can’t say much about these teams. We’ll just have to wait and see how they perform in the regional qualifiers.

From the Europe Region, ProDota Gaming take the only spot for regional qualifiers. And sadly for us singsing fans, we won’t be able to see any more of SingSing or Gorgc. Feels bad man.

From the CIS region, Double Dimension get the only spot for the regional qualifiers. And again it’s a new team. So we can’t know how well they are until we see them in the regional qualifiers.

From China, ViCi Gaming get the spot. “Nooooooo I won’t get to see Axx on a tournament ever.” I know boys, I know, life is unfair. But they did put up a good fight against ViCi as they lost with a score of 1-2.

And lastly, from the SEA region, Team Bazaar get the spot. They are a new team but we know all the players and how they are.

The second phase of the qualifiers are ending soon too, we will keep you updated as soon as the matches end!


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