Winners Of The Very First International Are Back!

YES! Natus Vincere IS BACK!

Natus Vincere, one of the most beloved Dota 2 squads has reclaimed their status as a top tier team. The International 2016 qualifiers have concluded and some teams received their respective invites, and Na’Vi being one of the 6 teams to be directly invited this year, has also secured their spot for the event in Seattle.

Right now, their credibility to receive an invite cannot be contested, but this wasn’t the case a few months ago. After getting second place at Starladder i-League invitational and DreamLeague Season 5, Natus Vincere was still considered lucky by many to have gotten a direct invite for the recently concluded Manila Majors.

Natus Vincere’s resurgence began with Dendi and SoNNeikO rejoining the team after a complete roster dilution last year in October. Soon, Artstyle also returned as a captain to Na’Vi. Came along with him to their ranks were General and Ditya Ra, completing the entire roster.

The Dawn of A New Era for “Born To Win!”

The team is as solid as ever, almost matching up to Puppey’s iteration of Na’Vi, with Ditya Ra playing a monstrous carry consistently along with the support duo of Artstyle and SoNNeikO saving multiples team fights on several occasions. Dendi as always serves as the solid mid with General continuously making plays under high-pressure situations in addition to his vast hero pool.

After disproving all criticisms with a strong showing in Manila, the team moved higher up in the rankings. However, what benefited them the most was the unexpected roster changes of Evil Geniuses and Team Secret, thus making both teams ineligible for a direct invite, securing it for Na’Vi.

Recently, the team also secured another second place finish at ESL ONE Frankfurt. They had an amazing run but once again fell short against the unstoppable OG. In the past three tournaments, Na’Vi has defeated most teams comprehensively, from the rebel Alliance to the galactic Empire, even slaying the mighty Team Secret with ease. Their only losses came against OG and Team Liquid; the two best teams in the world right now.

The last five editions of Valve’s most prestigious event had different winners each time. This year’s International is just around the corner and with all eyes set on the Top 3 – OG, Team Liquid and Newbee, can Na’Vi sneak their way in the Grand Finals to take the Aegis of Champions? With the battleground set in Seattle and all teams gearing up to achieve immortality, will NA’VI make history this year?



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