Rocket League Llama-Rama Fortnite

Rocket League is on a roll with updates and news these days. With free-to-play and all its overhauled systems coming tomorrow, the Fortnite tie-in Llama-Rama event is introducing the popular shooter’s Battle Bus as a playable battle-car this Saturday. That’s two new cars in one update, as the upcoming Rocket Pass will introduce the Harbinger battle-car.

Rocket League and Fortnite join forces with the Llama-Rama event

The Battle Bus is not the only thing coming with the Llama-Rama event. As usual, you can earn a host of new items to customize your battle-car. From decals to wheels to antennae, events are a way to unlock new and unique stuff, though it’s going to be a little different from now on.

Usually, you simply played your online Rocket League games, earned the event’s currency, and used that to unlock your new items. Now, they’re tied into the new challenge system. Technically, the challenges are still kind of the same as before since you’ll just have to do what the challenge tells you to do, but they’re going to be more streamlined. Basically, you do one challenge, unlock the item, and do the following challenge that requires that item to complete it.

If you want the Battle Bus, however, you’ll have to do them all. Going by just the preview pictures on the official Rocket League website, the items themselves don’t look particularly… desirable, but if that’s what it takes to unlock the bus, so be it. After all, this will likely be the only two-week window we’ll ever have to unlock it. And, of course, the bus will use the new Merc hitbox that was introduced with this Rocket League update too. Besides, we’ll have plenty of actually good looking stuff to unlock with the Rocket Pass anyway.

The Llama-Rama event runs from September 26 until October 12. Usually, we had a few days after the event to use the currency that we earned before the rewards would disappear forever, but with the new nature of the challenges, that won’t be necessary anymore.

Michael Kloos
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