Today’s the day! The time to rearrange your list of skins has finally come. And while you may need some time to mourn over those you tag as “selling,” stay on the brighter side and think of the new ones you will be able to buy. Here are my tricks and tips for getting through this ordeal with minimum nerve damage, I hope you find them helpful.

Don’t go random, find a trustworthy service instead

Ok, I admit that I tend to overthink things a little bit, like that last time when I thought I burned my whole house because I didn’t switch the oven (I did switch it of course), and mind that I live in a 15-story apartment tower.

But I strongly believe that checking twice and finding the safest variant didn’t do anything bad to me so far, and I advise you to do so in every aspect of your life, ESPECIALLY the one that contains trading non-existent goods for non-existent money with people you can’t see. Long story short, find a safe service for trading your skins, and it will automatically save you a ton of nerves and money.

Organize your inventory

If you have been playing a lot, you won’t believe how many skins you actually have. Well, I’m not intending to be sexist, but the situation is similar to girls saying “I have nothing to wear” with a closet full of clothes. Once you review all your belongings and group them into several categories, reorganizing your skins collection and buying new ones will become so much easier. I will recommend the following groups for starters:

  • Skins you are definitely selling
  • Skins you have doubts about
  • Skins you are keeping even if the world ends tomorrow

If you are having troubles with putting anything into the “sell” group, ask a friend you play most often with for a favor. Let him or her reorganize your closet for you objectively, depending on the skins he or she sees rarely and often. Of course, warn your friend about skins that are too valuable to wear, and you just secretly worship them at night, so they won’t put those into the junk category accidentally. You will cry, you will hate your friend for putting so many skins for sale, but don’t worry, you will be able to revenge when they ask you for a similar favor.

Make the most of your skins with bonuses

A lot of services offer bonuses for trading on their platforms, and that’s a good way to maximize your earnings while selling skins. Of course, you won’t make a billion dollars, but receiving a few bucks from a very valuable skin is still pleasant, right? Moreover, usually you don’t need to do anything special to earn those bonuses – just create an account on a platform you want to trade your skins on, and you are already signed to their bonus program.

I believe you now know the perks of selling and trading your skins in general, but there’s a lot of other ways to get extra profit while doing so. So, what’s that all about? While you are getting rid of the skins you don’t need anymore, you are not just earning money or trading them for skins you fancy, but earning bonuses. After trying several services, I decided to use with their Loyalty Bonus system. The system is simple – the more you trade, the higher is your rank on the website and the higher bonus percentage you obtain.

What are your secrets of trading skins safely and with maximum profit? Hit me up and share your tricks, and let’s expand our trading knowledge together for the best deals!