Team Faceless And TNC Pro Team Fight Their Way Into The Kiev Main Stage

The two SEA teams that will represent their region have been revealed. Qualifying rounds are over, Team Faceless and TNC Pro team will be flying to Ukraine to represent South East Asian region in the upcoming Kiev Major.

The Action Packed Pre-Finals

10 teams brawl in a cross table format where they were able to battle with another 9 teams in a BO1 match. The top seed in the playoffs that happened to be Clutch Gamers, will be able to choose among the 3 teams who made it to the top 4. While the other 2 teams have no choice but to battle with each other, and it was TNC and Faceless.

Upon deciding, Clutch gamers chose to fight Mineski in a Bo3 match where the winner will advance in the Winners bracket and will be one step closer to have a secured trip to Kiev. Suddenly, CG fell short against their fellow Pinoy Squad with a score of 0-2 dragging them down to play in the loser’s bracket. Mineski advances to the winner’s bracket!

TNC And Faceless Battle It Out!

TNC’s and Faceless’s matchup approaches, a battle that most of the SEA team’s fans await. Game 1 was a tough and intense 70 minutes game but Team Faceless managed to prevail.

Moving up in Game 2, the heavy pressure on TNC’s side, since they fell short in game 1. It was a surprise for all the viewers since Kuku (TNC’s mid lane player) picked Ursa. Surprisingly, he managed to pull it through and they were able to win the game.

Game 3! The deciding match, the winner will advance in the Winner’s bracket and will play against Mineski and will be one step closer to Ukraine. The game was loaded with ups and downs. IO and Rubick were the support for TNC and Ogre and Warlock for Team Faceless.

TNC almost made it, they were dictating most of the clashes, but unfortunately, Team Faceless finished it with a bang. They’ll be moving into the winner’s bracket against Mineski!

The Amazing Faceless Battles It Out With Mineski

Mineski and Team Faceless fight in the winner’s bracket, one of them will secure a slot for the prestigious Kiev Major. Everybody thought that Team Faceless will sweep Mineski with a 2-0 glorious victory since Mineski hasn’t won yet against the Singaporean team. Surprisingly, Mineski proved them wrong as they took the victory in the first game.

Team Faceless managed to bounce back in game 2 proving that they’re one of the best in SEA.  Game 3 is happening, the hype is on both sides since the winner can take a deep breathe because they’ll be joining the next Valve’s event. It was a long 36 minutes but Lone Druid proved that he’s the true carry. And so Faceless take a 2-1 victory.

Team Faceless secured a trip to Ukraine!

Suddenly, only one slot remains for 2 aspiring Filipino teams, TNC and Mineski. Only one among these two will move forward. Most of the clashes in game 1 favored Mineski’s side but TNC fought flawlessly giving them the advantage and a lead. They gloriously took the victory in Game 1.

Game 2 approaches, and if TNC wins this, they will be moving forward. And they will get to battle against the world’s tier 1 teams. Mineski fights for their dreams and managed to prevail in Game 2. Another game 3; the deciding match. A short but action packed 29 minutes game, but shockingly, Raven’s weaver strikes again taking Mineski’s dream away.

TNC will secure a slot for Kiev Major!



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