Dota Asia Championships qualifying rounds

The qualifying rounds for the best SEA teams performed to determine who will represent their region on the upcoming Dota Asia Champinoship (DAC) tournament. Eight of the strongest South-East Asian team battled for their dream and that is to be a part of the upcoming DAC tournament. The participants are WG.Unity, Faceless, TNC, Mineski, RRQ, Signature.Trust, Execration and Next Gen that will replaced team Fnatic because of a sudden roster issues.

These teams were divided into two groups. The group A(Faceless, WG.Unity, Next Gen and Signature Trust) and the group B(TNC, Execration, Mineski and RRQ).

After the group stage the 4 groups that will place 3rd and 4th on their group will be eliminated that happened to be Next Gen/RRQ with 1-2 standings and Execration/Signature.Trust that scores 2-0 on the end of group stage.


The 4 remaining teams will be playing on play offs. The group’s 1st place will battle the other group’s 2nd place and it will decide who will advance on the semi finals and the losers will be playing on the lower bracket. Team Faceless and WG.Unity defeated their opponents in both flawless sweep. While Mineski and TNC will play the lower bracket kicking round where whoever lose will leave the tournament, unfortunately, TNC ended up Mineski’s journey and the WESG champion will advance on the lower bracket semi finals against Team Faceless because they were defeated by WG.Unity that is now waiting on the Finals and one step closer on the trophy and the opportunity to brawl with other international teams.

Loser’s finals

The battle between TNC and Team Faceless will decide which team will advance on the finals. Both teams made their best to get the ‘W’. However, team faceless prevailed and beat TNC with an impressing 2-0 victory.

So, only two teams remain and had the chance to hit the International floor.

After winning the lower bracket semi finals, they arose to brawl for the trophy against the team that beat them. Battle between two teams is intense but Faceless finished it with a score of 26-12. Nevertheless it was wondrous performance for both teams. WG.Nana’s Templar Assassin performed incredibly on the entire game. However, Jabz’s Invoker and Black^s’ Faceless Void is hard to stop. Because of the powerful duo, Faceless manage to win.


This Singapore-based team have a rough start to qualify for DAC 2017. However, they managed to succeed.

Team Faceless made an enormous win on Game 2, more dominating and almost immaculate skills executions. Anti-Mage reclaimed the title of being the “best carry” by finishing the game with the highest net worth. The game ends with a 17-1 score in favor of Team Faceless.

Satisfaction and joy, probably that’s what these people feels.

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