Secretlab World of Warcraft

Secretlab has announced its very first licensed World of Warcraft gaming chairs in preparation for the new Shadowlands expansion. In partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, Secretlab is putting out two chairs representing the opposing factions. Chairs for the Alliance and the Horde will each feature distinct aesthetics. This release follows the success of Secretlab’s Overwatch D.Va Edition gaming chairs.

Secretlab, known to release gaming-themed chairs, is popular among the gaming community for the comfort and sleekness of their products. This World of Warcraft Edition celebrates the long-time MMORPG.

The Horde chair features a black and red leatherette finish while showcasing the classic Horde symbol. In a similar fashion, the Alliance chair features blue and gold colors while featuring the Alliance symbol. Around both designs will be accents and motifs representing each faction. Both chairs will have the World of Warcraft logo imprinted under each image. Also, the banners for each faction appear on both chairs, framed with barbed spikes or royal braids.

Expanding to the World of Warcraft universe

Co-founder and CEO of Secretlab Ian Alexander Ang shared some thoughts regarding the new chair launch.

World of Warcraft has historically been one of the most popular and difficult-to-master MMOs, with an audience that is among the most dedicated of any game — the world’s top guilds put a lot of effort into gearing up for a new raid and the final boss can remain undefeated for months at a time. The Secretlab World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Edition chairs celebrate the game’s long history, expansive lore, and the sheer commitment of its players. They’ll support gamers comfortably for extended sessions as they dive into the Shadowlands, and being a blood elf rogue myself, I’ll be using the Horde variant. For the Horde!

The Secretlab World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Edition chairs are now available to pre-order for both the Secretlab OMEGA and Secretlab TITAN.

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