Starladder & i-League Deliver Above Expectations Yet Again

Most of us have already seen the amazing games brought to us by Starladder and i-League. This particular tournament has been very action packed. And the matches have left us all baffled. Whether it was Miracle’s and Ana’s amazing performance in the mid lane. Or incredible teamfights that turned the entire game around like in TNC vs Team Secret. Seriously, those were some unexpected plays coming out of the teams. Honestly, plays like those really make you reevaluate life.

OG dominated the Group A standings being undefeated. While OG did give an amazing performance in the group stage, Team Liquid delivered amazing performances as well. With only one loss in the entire group B, Team Liquid came out with a score of 4-1. As a result, being the top seed in their group.

Two top teams from each group advanced into the semi-finals. And the teams facing each other were Team Liquid vs TNC Pro Team, and OG vs Team VG.J. The matchups were quite interesting indeed. But the matchups aside, the results have blown minds away. VG.J certainly are proving themselves to be one strong contender as they take down OG 2-1. Team Liquid just ran over TNC completely. But Tims didn’t get to play Earth Spirit so we still have an argument at least.


The Amazing Finale And The Greatly Anticipated Result

The finals have just been amazing. VG.J took game 1 so easily, and they made it seem effortless. Although, in game 2, Miracle got a chance to play invoker and he undoubtedly showed his 9k skills. Let’s just not notice the missed blackhole though, hands slip, mistakes happen. Although no hands were slipping but I’m not pointing any fingers here.

However, game 3 took an unexpected turn as we saw the return of the rat doto. It’s no surprise Mind_Control playing Beastmaster usually turns into a rat game. But nonetheless, even while under so much pressure, Liquid kept their splitpush on constantly. The lack of disabling items on VG.J really helped Liquid shine in their splitpushing.

Game 4 was a little more one sided than expected. Miracle got to show off his Anti-Mage skills quite a lot as he was helped so much in mid lane that Freeze’s Storm Spirit was shut down for the entire game. Oh don’t you wish you had supports like those in pub games.

And with a score of 4-1, Liquid takes the series and becomes the champion of Starseries Season 3. You can probably imagine the frustration of VG.J. But the games were very very amazing and very exciting. And we are getting to see the new patch and new changes coming into play in the pro scenes. Nonetheless, the tournament gave us some amazing games to watch and some new things to learn.

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