StatSpy brings a user-friendly analysis app to the Pro Gaming scene

The professional gaming scene is flourishing. Multi-million dollar tournaments, coverage on major sports and television networks, and investment from fortune 500 companies. With various guides, coaches, and trainers at our disposal, we are starting to see a need for data analysis tools specifically for eSports.

The Inception

StatSpy is one of the best out there. The company was founded in August 2016 when a trio of hardcore gamers and college students realized that the statistical analysis which revolutionized real-world sports could do the same for eSports. With a vision to show the world importance of statistics in eSports, paired with tools to help take that analysis and turn it into real practice methods, StatSpy looks to lead the way going into 2017.

How does Statspy work?

Originally created the be a robust prediction and data aggregation service for professional esports, they now focus on cutting-edge data analysis tools for CS:GO. Each game of CS:GO can be turned into a demo file which is essentially a saved replay of the match. StatSpy users can upload these game replays which are then shrunk into much more manageable files, analyzed, and then provided in a top-down visual representation of the gameplay.

Initially, you will be shown some basic statistics along with the visual, but as you continue to add more replays into your database StatSpy allows you to compare all of your uploads to find trends, custom statistics, build a catalog of your own plays. Conveniently this is all done through your browser so there is no need to install anything or keep these files yourself.

The team is working to expand to other games like DOTA and LoL but are currently focused on improving the performance of the software for CS:GO.

The Vision

“Right now we want to focus on CS:GO and make it as close to perfect as possible. Then branch out to Dota, LoL, Overwatch. We want to play as it happens. We want to give actual data that could help people in improving their gameplay, rather than just give numbers to look at. The team is looking to provide tools that will make a difference”, said Zach Fine, the CEO of StatSpy.  The team leaves the door open to future ventures, “As long it takes skill to be a good competitive game, the platform doesn’t matter”, he added.

StatSpy offers both free and premium services. The free service will include the basic analysis tools and demo re-player, whereas the paid services will provide bonus features to the user such as unlimited storage, access to more advanced analysis tools, and tools specially designed for competitive teams like shared lobbies just to name a few. The team also plans on integrating machine learning into the software to review the data in bulk and pick trends out automatically. According to Zach, “Using AI and machine learning for data analysis is undoubtedly part of the future. But for now we make it really easy to compare thousands of hours of gameplay manually as well; run it through the analyzer, tag it, comments it, and then pick specific things to look at through our statistics suite.”

Working with The Community

Evan Spellman, Chief Marketing Officer of StatSpy added that “We’re players first and foremost, so our concerns are the same as theirs. StatSpy was built for the community. Feedback, critique, and hearing what features the players want is paramount. We don’t just want to be a great product but be able to foster a great community of that wants to solve the esports analytics puzzle alongside of us. We’re always in our Discord server or available through e-mail to talk about StatSpy and address any concerns, field any ideas, or just chat. We want people to feel like they’re part of this, not just looking from the outside in.”

StatSpy launched on February 10, 2017. For more information, you can visit their website, Twitter, Facebook, Subreddit, or Discord.