Steam Summer Sale: Four Deals to Snag

Steam Summer Sale

Year after year Steam continues to take money straight from our wallets. We know that the seasonal sales they release are too good to pass up on and this Summer is no different. PC gamers have their hands full as they wade through the black hole of digital game sales. It is a tough task to undertake whether you have too little or too much self-control. If your place is in the former, it is easy to know that your budget will be shot for the month. However, if you find yourself as the latter, you will have another problem with the several great deals you could be passing up. However, esports gamers shall not fear. The clock is ticking with less than two days left on the Steam Summer Sale. We are here to help you narrow the focus by highlighting four spectacular deals available today!

For Honor

For Honor

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Ubisoft’s thrilling medieval mash-up is a hit amongst hack and slash action genre fans. The game brings together three of history’s most fearsome warriors: knights, samurai, and vikings. For Honor realizes the legacy of these warriors brilliantly. The game represents each faction through historical-based design, dialect and language, and period-centric weaponry and armor. There are multiple classes that offer varying degrees of offense and defense to change up how one can play the game.

While there is a single-player mode, esports gamers usually focus on the quality of multiplayer. For Honor offers a diverse range of game modes to appeal to any kind of player. But most importantly, there is a ten week long faction war that engages players in a competition to bring their faction to the top and win the best rewards. The base game can be purchased for a mere $7.49 USD! However, if you want a little extra, the Gold Edition of the game is also available. It includes extra perks such as a season pass that comes with a range of “hero” characters, customizations, items, special executions, and more. Usually $100, this version is available in the Steam Summer Sale now for $24.99.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

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The iconic tactical first person shooter series Rainbow Six continues to provide fun and action for all. It’s been just over two years since its release and Rainbow Six: Siege is just as popular as ever amongst the competitive shooter crowd. As one would expect, the game maintains a wide range of customization. Upgrades, perks, and customizable options can be paid via currency that is earned through in-game accomplishments. Of course, real-world currency can be used to also purchase customizations.

Players assume the roles of operators from various nationalities and special forces units, in a sort of military training exercise. Defenders must protect objectives against attackers with barricades or by reinforcing walls to prevent a breach. Attackers can use drones and various tools to plan out an assault or gain a strategic advantage over the defenders. The game has a deep well of tactical options to draw from that has kept gamers coming back for quite some time. The base game can be snagged for a meager $14.99 USD. The Steam Summer Sale offers a range of editions that can also be picked up at a fraction of the original price and comes with additional content.

Rocket League

Rocket League

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Surely you’ve heard of Psyonix’s hit vehicular soccer mash-up. Why kick a soccer ball when one can customize a flashy automobile to jump, slide, and boost a giant ball across a stadium? If you agree with that sentiment then Rocket League is the game for you. I was skeptical at the launch of this game. A short while later, I ended up giving the title a try. With a couple friends who joined me online, I was sucked into a ridiculously fun and addicting romp as I careened into a giant soccer ball over and over again.

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At first, I did not realize how addicting this game could be. It was only a short while later that I saw from gaming news outlets just how popular the title actually was. Clearly, it had the same effect on many others. If you’d like more variety, the game has offered ice hockey and basketball variants of the game in the form of free DLC since its launch. Paid downloadable content offers cosmetics that you can customize your car with as well. The Steam Summer Sale has this title for 50% off at just $9.99 USD.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2

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The bread and butter of NetherRealm Studio has always been its stellar fighting game titles. Midway Games, the original studio behind Mortal Kombat, filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Out of the ashes of that event came NetherRealm Studios. Many of the original Mortal Kombat developers from Midway Games found a home at NetherRealm under the Warner Bros. banner including fan-favorite, Ed Boon. Once again, they began making exciting new Mortal Kombat games. With WB properties to work with, NetherRealm set its sights on a DC superhero fighting game with Injustice.

The sequel, Injustice 2, is a vast improvement on the original. The animations in-game are fluid and beautiful. Character designs stay true to each character, while also adding a new flair to our favorite heroes. The performances by each actor are top-notch and are great representations of iconic DC superheroes. The game takes customization to an entirely different level than its predecessor. Armor, gear, and costume upgrades make it easy to keep delving into the multiverse time and time again. The multiverse also offers an endless array of challenges that NetherRealm updates week to week. Additionally, there are many options for tournaments, king of the hill fights, and one-on-one ranked matches online.

If you consider yourself a fan of the fighter genre, this isn’t a title you should miss. You won’t regret it the moment you see the Flash rush his opponent through time pummeling him or her into dinosaurs or historical structures. You can find this in the Steam Summer Sale for just $29.99 (40% off).

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