Street Fighter V adds G and Sagat

G and Sagat join Street Fighter V

At EVO 2018, Capcom treated Street Fighter V fans to trailers for the two final Season 3 DLC characters: the mysterious G and the King of Muay Thai, Sagat. See them in action below.


Both characters are available right now in Street Fighter V, and you can also watch Capcom’s character breakdowns to help get you started:

Sagat plays like a souped-up version of himself from Street Fighter IV, finally adding a truly dedicated zoning character to SFV‘s roster. G is a very interesting character, with a moveset reminiscent of Q from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, but with many unique properties, including a power-up system called “Presidential Power.”

It will be interesting to see where these characters fall competitively, as G looks like he has plenty of shenanigans and Sagat seems extremely strong as well.

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