Street Fighter V

The latest Street Fighter V patch, version 3.091, not only implemented its much requested input lag decrease but also sneaked in some changes to certain characters without you knowing. We will break down these sneaky changes below so you aren’t caught off guard in your next online match. These change notes come courtesy of Loic “WydD” Petit, who has amassed a wealth of info on SFV that you can find here.

Cammy, Nash, Cody, Falke, and Akuma

Calling back to a bug that plagued Alex, Juri, and Rashid that would reverse their inputs, identical bugs were found and fixed on Cammy’s forward throw, Nash’s Tragedy Assault, Cody’s forward throw, Falke’s forward throw, and Akuma’s Demon Flip throw.


The juggle values of his anti-air V-Skill, Psycho Snatcher – Air have been changed.


Hitboxes on crouching Heavy Punch and medium Ruffian Kick changed.

Kolin and Zeku

While WydD found changes in these characters’ files, he suspects they may be non-gameplay-related, but time will tell.

Kevin Carignan
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