BeyondTheSummit announced via twitter that Swedish team Alliance has dropped out of the redemption voting for The Summit 5 due to a scheduling conflict.

The Summit is one of the biggest independent Dota 2 tournaments in the world. It is endorsed by the E-sports group BeyondTheSummit (BTS) based in Los Angeles, California. This tournament has gathered together the biggest teams in Dota 2 each year since 2014. This tournament has a big fan base watching each year because of its laid back atmosphere, for both casters and players. It provides fans with some interesting first-hand insight into their favorite players’ lives reminiscent of the “Big Brother” house (from the show of the same name). Traditionally, BTS sends out direct invitations to the best teams and holds regional qualifiers to determine its participants. What also sets this event apart is its Redemption Voting. Teams who did not receive a direct invitation and/or lost in the regional qualifiers can opt to garner votes from their fans. The team with the most votes will get to participate as a wild card in the tournament.



Photo from: The Alliance Official Facebook Page

Alliance is definitely one of the most prominent teams in Dota 2. Bagging prestigious titles including a win at The International 2013, the team encountered a slump after some unsuccessful roster changes. They are definitely back in fighting form now, as their original members have returned (Loda, s4, Akke, AdmiralBulldog, and EGM). However, this Swedish powerhouse lost to underdog Ad Finem in The Summit 5 European Qualifiers back in May. (Note that Ad Finem will be participating in the tournament even after losing to Virtus.Pro due to a rule violation. Read more here.)

Surprisingly, Alliance opted not to participate in The Summit 5 Redemption Voting. They still have not made any official statements on the matter. Fans can only speculate as to why they chose to withdraw. Could they be secretly training for The International 2016? Currently, US team FDL leads the voting process. You can cast your redemption votes here. Redemption Votes winner will be among the eight teams competing at the BTS house in Los Angeles from July 13-17 for The Summit 5.

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