Battle Pass Guide: Path of the Warrior. Here’s an easy one!

Disclaimer: You can use either hero of your choice on our Battle Pass Guide list, since they work just as well. We pinpointed the quickest Heroes to use per quest.



Purchase Power Treads before the game timer reaches 13:00 / 09:00 / 07:00

Best Option: Alchemist safe-lane; max Greevil’s Greed and buy Power Treads at sideshop.

Option 1: Doom; Devour large creeps in hard camp, (stack if possible)

Option 2: Shadow Fiend; if you can get enough exp/souls in your lane. Stack camp closest to midlane if you can. Or, you can ask your support to stack for you.



Make 6 / 10 / 15 Assists.

Best Option: Spectre. Using your ultimate will spawns illusions to every enemy hero. Shift to one of your illusions during a teamfight and you will net assists on every kill.

Option 1: Zeus; Ultimate deals damage to every enemy hero. You can also use Q which will bounce from enemy to enemy.

Option 2: Vengeful Spirit; deals damage and -armor in a line ahead of it. You can use this to reach ahead and net an assist (or even a kill) that you wouldn’t get if you were out of range.

Notes: As long as you deal damage before the enemy hero gets killed, you will land the assist.



Disable enemy Heroes for 75/100/125

Best Option: Bane has two very long disables. Fiend’s Grip lasts 5 seconds (7 with Aghanim’s Scepter) and Nightmare E lasts another 7 seconds. Total of 12 seconds (14 with Aghs) 

Option 1: Shadow Shaman; Shackles lasts for 5 seconds. Hex W lasts for 3.5 seconds, for a total of 8.5 seconds

Option 2: Lion; Earth Spike Q lasts for 2.6 seconds. Hex W lasts for 4 seconds, for a total of 6.6 seconds.

Notes: Currently, you can use Nightmare on yourself or on your allies to bring up your disable count. Chronosphere does not count. 



Echo Sabre in 30 / 22 /16 minutes.

Best Option: Sven. (60% winrate + farming speed). To farm more quickly; take safelane. Get an early point(s) in your cleave; instead of static farming, push out creepwave (IMPORTANT; Do NOT miss last hits in favor of pushing the lane.) and when the lane is pushed, pull your biggest creep camp available to the next wave when it is time to stack. Take stacked camp with creepwave; reapeat. This method can get you 150-200 CS before 22 minutes.

Alternative Sven option; ask support to stack camps while you farm safelane.

Option 2; By farming speed; Sven, Juggernaut, Slark

Option 2: By winrate % with item; Wraith King, Phantom Assassin, Lifestealer

Notes: You can download a mobile app to remind you when to stack! Search for Dota Timers on the app store.



Heal yourself or allies 4000 / 5500 / 7000

Best Option: Dazzle. Statistically holds the highest rate of healing per minute, Shadow Wave E can heal up to 980 hp if all bounces hit. 6 second cd.

Option 1: Omniknight. Purification Q will heal 360 hp every 10 seconds for 160 mana. Maximize your mana pool by purchasing Soul Ring into Arcane Boots.

Option 2: Oracle; Purifying Flames E heals slowly, but deals damage beforehand, so you will always get the heal points.

Other options; Death Prophet; ultimate will heal at the end in proportion to how much damage you dealt.

Notes: Healing creeps or other friendly neutral units will not count for this quest.



Deal 3000 / 5000 / 7000 damage to enemy Heroes AND kill  40 / 70 / 100 enemy units with Cleave.

Best Option: Sven; Great Cleave gives 66% cleave. With Sven’s ultimate God’s Strength (200% bonus damage), statistically speaking he deals on average more damage per minute than the following heroes. 

Option 1: Tiny; with Aghanim’s Scepter, he is granted a 50% cleave. By skilling his ultimate Grow, you further increase the damage done by his abilities. He deals the second most damage per minute on this list, following Sven.

Option 2: Kunkka; Tidebringer W gives cleave and bonus damage every 4 seconds. 

Notes: Any melee hero can be granted Cleave by purchasing Battle Fury. You can use this in combination with items such as Daedalus to grant more damage during your cleave. 



Tiny: Perform an Avalanche/Toss combo 6 /9 / 12 times on an enemy hero

Best Option: Get your combo off as fast as you possibly can; the avalanche needs to go on while the hero is being tossed and while it lands. To do this, you need to pull it off very quickly.

Notes: Toss will pick the nearest unit in range. If for some reason you have difficulty getting close enough to an enemy hero to Toss, consider purchasing a Blink Dagger.



Stop 3000 / 5000 / 7000 physical damage from enemy Heroes to your Hero or allied Heroes with armor or block.

Best Option: Dazzle; Shallow Grave W can be casted on a dying ally hero and will prevent them from dying during Shallow Grave. Therefore, any damage done to your ally when they’re at 1 hp will be blocked. His Weave gradually increases allies armor over 24 sec.

Option 1: Sven; Warcry E gives +20 armor in an aoe every 14 sec.

Option 2: Assault Cuirass/Crimson Guard; any hero with these items has a chance to complete this quest if they have a presence in teamfights.

Notes: ABADDON IS BUGGED. There’s a chance using Abaddon will not work for this quest; the counter goes off at first, but then becomes bugged. If you see a notice saying you need “-28million more damage blocked” then that’s the sign your quest is bugged.
Reportedly, Omniknight ultimate is also bugged.



Kill an enemy hero in 15 seconds after teleporting in 2/3/5

Best Option: Picking up a support with a lvl1 stun means you can TP in earlier to save an ally (or to gank).
Examples; Crystal Maiden, Vengeful Spirit, Witch Doctor, Mirana, Ancient Apparition.

Option 1: Queen of Pain. Scream of Pain E deals 300 AOE dmg on a 7 second cooldown. Sonic Wave deals 470 dmg (555 with aghs)  on 135 (40 with aghs) cooldown.
With 1 point in Q, 1 point in W, 3 points in E, 1 point in R, at lvl 6 you can deal up to 515 damage to multiple heroes. Always communicate with your teammates to be ready the second you TP in.

Option 2: Tinker. Will require a bit more farm than a lvl 1 support, but can easily move around the map later landing kills. (Tinker Soul Ring -> BoTs -> Aether Lens -> Blink -> (Eblade) Dagon -> Scythe.)

Other Options; Nature’s Prophet. Can use Teleport W in unison with TP scrolls.

Notes: Since the majority of ganks are made in the early game, you can take advantage of this by picking up a strong early game support, carrying TP from 2 minutes in and keeping a close eye on the minimap. TP when you mid gets smoke ganked, enemies dive, or a fight starts up.
If you aren’t always 100% paying attention to the map, encourage your teammates to scream over the mic if they are in danger.



Steal 3000 / 4000 / 6000 HP from enemy Heroes using Lifesteal.

Best Option: Wraith King. Statistically, heals himself the most per minute with his Vampiric Aura. Vampiric Aura isn’t a Unique Attack Modifier, so it will stack (additively) with other sources of Lifesteal. (Exception; See Notes)

Option 1: Lifestealer. His Feast gives 7.5% enemy current HP as dmg+Lifesteal. His E, Open Wounds gives 50% Lifesteal and will also allow allies to heal.

Option 2: Broodmother. Her Ultimate Insatiable Hunger will give 100% Lifestealer over 14 seconds. 

Notes: Insatiable Hunger, Moment of Courage, Vladmir’s Aura, Vampiric Aura will NOT stack with each other. 
Otherwise; Helm of the Dominator (15%), Morbid Mask (15%), Mask of Madness (20%), Satanic (25% passive, 200% active), Octarine Core (25% SPELLS)
For the Quest; you will only get points if you heal from the Lifesteal.



As Lifestealer, steal 2000 / 5000 / 7000 HP using Lifesteal from Heroes & deal 10000 / 12500 / 15000 Physical damage to to enemy Heroes.

Best Option: Prioritize items that will provide you with much needed attack speed (to maximize your right clicks; they are the source of physical damage AND lifesteal) with survivability.

Notes: Statistically, your best winrate % chance is with the following items; Phase Boots,  (Skull Basher -> Vanguard -> Abyssal Blade),  Mjollnir,  Assault Cuirass,  Moon Shard,  Monkey King Bar (situational).


As Axe: Blink and use Berserker’s Call on 15 / 25 / 35 enemy Heroes.

Best Option: If you jungle, remember to stack camps! That can make a huge difference in getting an 8 minute blink dagger. Blink in, Call, and let your teammates join. Try to use your Call in fights whenever its off cooldown. The longer you take to finish the quest, you might find yourself suiciding to the enemy team. You absolutely need to have an edge early on in the game.

Notes: One combination you can use in lane that will dominate the early game– Keeper of the Light with Axe (and another support if necessary). Charge up Illuminate directly into the enemy heroes that are stuck in position with Berserkers Call (free 500 dmg on each hero), and keep Axe’s mana up with Chakra Magic. Remind your KOTL not to use his Blinding Light during the Berserker’s Call; enemy misses will not proc Axe’s Counter Helix.



Vitality Booster / Reaver / Heart of Tarrasque before 25 minutes.

Best Option: Chaos Knight tends to deal best in the early game with an early Heart. Power Treads -> (Armlet) -> Heart of Tarrasque -> etc. Becomes hilariously strong.

Option 1: Centaur Warrunner, Bristleback: Not ideal since Centaur relies too heavily on getting a fast Blink Dagger and Bristleback just straight up relies on other items in the early game. These options are basically the least of all evils. 

Notes: Rushing a Heart so early on in the game puts a LOT of heroes at a disadvantage. Do every single thing you can to maximize your last hits so that you can catch up with better items right after getting your quest done; ask supports to stack (or do it yourself; you can download a mobile app to remind you to stack. Search for Stack Timers on the app store), spend 5 min warming up in a lobby before the game getting every single last hit in a wave, farm every second you’re not actively fighting.



Get 100 / 150 / 200 last hits.
Surprisingly, almost every DotA player reports that they are confident in their last hitting skills; but even in the top 1% there are seldom a few players will go without missing any last hits, at all.
A universal rule for a okay number of last hits is; 50 creeps by 10 minutes, or 100 creeps by 20 minutes. 200 creeps by 40 minutes. 300 creeps by 50 minutes. Much higher if you have free farm.

If you miss NO last hits, your CS (creep score) can be;

  • In 10 minutes, you can have; 84 lane creep last hits.
  • In 15 minutes, you can have; 128 lane creep last hits.
  • In 20 minutes, you can have; 176 lane creep last hits.
  • If you stay in one single lane for 40 minutes without farming other lanes or jungle, you can have 396 cs. You can nearly double that by rotating lanes or farming stacks.

Now you see how professional players can have seemingly ridiculous creep scores.

Note that if you’re in the safelane, you absolutely should be taking advantage of jungle camps. Don’t rely on a support to pull for you; unless they absolutely need the extra gold, their job should be to either stack or zone the enemy out of lane. This will supplement your lane CS so much and almost double it.

A good rhythm to have;
Farm the creepwave without static farming; push out the creepwave (without missing any last hits in the process) so it gets closer to the enemy tower. Yes, this may feel unnatural!
When the creepwave is pushed, pull the nearest camp to your new creepwave when it is time to stack. (at 52-54 seconds).
The (creepwave pushed out  creepwave missing at camp)= wave reset right near your tower.
When you do this, instead of just farming the enemy creepwave, you get to farm both the enemy creepwave AND the jungle stack!
This means you can get up to 800 gpm with this technique.

Here is a goldmine video by Merlini that shows this technique in practice. Skip to 9:20 if you don’t want the full explanation.

The easiest way to initially clear the creepwave fast enough to push the lane is to use a hero with early AOE dmg. Juggernaut, Tiny, Sven are great examples and will almost certainly net you this quest very early in the game.



As Ursa, deal 750 / 1000 / 1250 damage within 1 second on enemy Heroes, AND claim the Aegis  1 / 2 / 3  times.

Best Option: This Quest is actually a lot easier than it sounds.
Damage is added when you have multiple stacks of Fury Swipes. Get in as many instances of Fury Swipes possible by hitting the enemy hero 3-4 times. Then use your Ultimate. which will essentially multiply the damage on the next few hits. You could possibly do enough damage with this method to not need any major items.

Option 1: If you aren’t confident with the damage your Fury Swipes + Ultimate combo deals, then you purchase an item with crits. (Ie; Crystalys -> Daedalus, Bloodthorn)

Tips for doing Rosh; doing Rosh as early as possible minimizes the chances of getting caught by the enemy team. Since Rosh gains power over time, it’s actually easier to kill him early on– since all you need is a Morbid Mask.
As for actually doing Rosh, this method makes a huge difference;

  • Smoke into Rosh pit. Ideal if you have a ward in the area so you can see incoming enemies, but not necessary.
  • Walk up to Rosh– hit him once. This is a free hit to start the Fury Swipes stack. Do NOT use your Overpower W yet until the fourth step!
  • Walk backwards to the very entrance of the pit. You know, the spot where when you cross you can no longer see outside the pit. Your goal is to kite Roshan.
  • When he meets you there, turn and hit him a few more times. This is when you can use your Overpower, but try to time it right after you get bashed.
  • He will turn around and walk back to his original position after hitting you. When he does this, you can hit him while he’s walking back. This is another free hit you can get in without losing damage!
  • Repeat, fighting him only at the edge of the pit and hitting him while kiting.
  • When your health is low enough and the number of Fury Swipes stacks is high, use your ultimate. His health will go down exponentially, and you should be able to make the kill.

IF you want to try to take Roshan really early; you might want to practice this method once in a lobby before doing the real thing. There’s a chance if you get very unlucky with bashes and you don’t time your hits properly, you can die.


Notes: The damage to enemy Heroes has to be physical damage (right clicks).


There goes our super quick Battle Pass Guide for the Path of the Warrior! What do you think?

Do you have great hero builds that helped you finish the Path of the Warrior Quests or any additional notes we should add? Share it with us and comment below!

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