Support Role as an Under star

Support is one of the most underrated roles in Dota 2 since it started. Many players wants to play hard carry, midlane or offlane so that they can shine the most in the game. Many aspiring players neglect the support role because it takes so much sacrifice and hard work to be effective for the team. Others think they are too good for the role since normal player’s concept about supporting is just giving 2 tangos, 1 ward and die for the team. If this is your concept about support role, then you are reading the right article right now.

Support Myth Busters!

These are some myth busters about support role that we need to understand. Again, these are just “some” of the misconceptions that we will clarify.

Support always play “EZ” heroes

In all angles this is totally erroneous, support heroes are not only limited to single target heroes that you just need to right click and cast the spell. Ever heard of Earth Spirit, IO, Phoenix or Chen? These are just some of the support heroes that needs presence of mind, critical decision making and precision when it comes to using the hero. In addition if you are planning to practice these heroes, better click the normal, demo mode or BOT match to avoid getting reported or flamed by your team mates in rank match. Great suggestion isn’t it? It saves you a day in a low priority match.

Support players are just needed to give 2 tangos and 1 ward

Funny as it sounds but again, this is incorrect. Support role is more than giving this essential items in the early stage of the game. Constant map awareness, ganking, stacking and rapid back up are the skills that a support needs to keep in mind not only in the early stage of the game but also in a holistic approach of the game.

Support is “ok” to die many times because they are just supports

I am not saying that be afraid to initiate in a clash or engage on it. What I’m saying is it is also important for a support to be conscious in your hero and avoid unnecessary death. Like, going alone in the jungle of the enemy team like “Dora the explorer” and then suddenly a wild Slark appears to devour you. Remember that sacrificing is too far away from feeding. It’s really important to minimize death because it can save you gold for utility and important supporting items.

It is “not ok” to ask wards from your team mates

Have you ever experienced that you are already out of gold and you see one of your team mates having so much gold and does not proactively purchase wards? Or Have you ever had the feeling of being helpless and feeling of fear that you might get reported because the team is blaming you for having a dark map. Don’t be afraid to ask your team mates to purchase wards if you are not capable of buying them, just tell them that it is for the team and you will help them to make the map more desirable for your team. Dust, smoke and wards are not only limited to support players, anyone can purchase it. Besides, it is also for the teams success and advantage.

A team’s victory happens only because your Hard carry, Midlane or Offlane played very well

Dota 2 is a team game not a one or two man effort. Always give credit to everyone not only to your carry and that everyone includes your support. Support players are like rare treasures in Dota 2, they are really hard to find. So when you find a good support, always recognize them. This will boost their self-confidence and will encourage them to pursuit playing support roles more often.

It is ok to spam “We need wards” instant message

Telling your support one time that you need wards is fine, but spamming it is the most annoying experience for a support. Always check if they do have the funds to purchase wards or if it’s on cool down.

Support role if played right can really be rewarding and fulfilling. Do you have any myths or misconceptions that you want to share about being a support? Please do not hesitate to share it! the whole Daily Dota community is willing to listen to you.

Marlon Basilio
Some players are called "cancer" because they want to drag other players down so that they can be at the top.

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