The final hero from the original DotA 1 map has been added. Pit Lord, or known by his new name Vrogros the Underlord, has finally returned to strike terror into the hearts of ranked matchmaking players once more.

We looked at the most efficient ways to play with, and AGAINST this behemoth of an initiator.



Here’s a quick summary of his abilities and their related conditions.


Calls down 6 waves of fire into an AOE.

-Deals up to 70 damage per wave and deals extra damage per second after.

-Magic damage, can be dodged by a BKB.

Similar to Pheonix’s Fire Spirits bred with Crystal Maiden’s ultimate. We advise you not to stand in it.


If you walk into this, you will be rooted in place for up to 2.5 seconds, and you’ll take 100 damage.

-Invisible heroes will be revealed.

-You can’t dispel this.

The pit lasts 7 seconds, but fortunately for the more clumsy players, you can only get stuck once. 


Nearby enemies will lose up to 42% of their attack damage. If you die while under this effect, Underlord will gain +30 attack damage for up to 45 seconds.

-Doesn’t gain damage from Meepo clones or illusions.

-Does gain damage from dying buildings or towers.

Kind of like Shadow Fiend’s armor reduction aura, only this sucks a LOT worse. Especially for heroes relying on right clicks. 


Relocates all nearby heroes directly on top of an incredibly unlucky enemy unit.

-Won’t teleport illusions.

-Will teleport invulnerable allies (yes, during Naga Siren Song).


-Needs a 5/4/3 second charging time.

Five man relocate. This skill might just change the meta as we know it.


What we recommend: playing a dual offlane or a support Underlord, because he’s incredibly versatile and not as gold reliant as most heroes. He just needs level 6 to be an amazing utility hero.

Why would the offlane be better? Well, for starters, solo exp on this guy is the best possible situation you can have. He could also take the midlane, but he won’t be transitioning into a core in the lategame anytime soon. Treat him like you would an Earth Spirit.

Firestorm: Consider maxing out your Firestorm first (or your W) , you can use this to zone out enemy heroes or land a kill in combination with your Pit of Malice. If all waves hit, you can deal up to 570 damage with a 14 second cooldown.

Pit of Malice: Level 1 will only disable enemy heroes for 1 second. Depending on your lane, you only really need a point in this as a defense mechanism. If you’re  playing aggressively and you’d like to have a 2.5 second disable for enemy heroes, max it!

Atrophy Aura: Most auras end up getting maxed out last, but if you’re playing against a lane with tons of right clicks (or you’re expecting to fight against a right click Sven before 20 minutes) you can consider maxing Atrophy Aura. 42% damage reduction is pretty nasty in a teamfight but won’t win you the lane alone. Also, keep in mind if you succeed in a teamfight, you can have extra damage equal to a Divine Rapier.

Dark Rift: You’d be insane not to skill this at level 6.


In Dota 1, he used to be considered incredibly overpowered a few years back, and now he’s got a fairly average pick rate. Nothing special. So don’t panic when he’s released: there’s a chance your games won’t be a complete disaster for longer than a couple weeks.

Keep in mind: his Firestorm makes it incredibly easy to push out creepwaves. Take advantage of this during your downtime between teamfights.

So, could I play this hero as a carry? Yes… you could, if you use Firestorm as your farming tool. Your aura is also pretty decent. However, there are other heroes that can do this job better. Like we mentioned earlier, Underlord isn’t as gold reliant as most cores, so it might be better to play him as a 3-4 position and have a stronger carry farm while you can still take advantage of his abilities.


-Soul Ring could be a wise pickup early on.

-Consider picking up either Treads or Phase Boots (Treads if you prefer the attack speed, Phase for movespeed). His int gain is pretty great later on, so you won’t be needing Arcanes.

Urn of Shadows. All around, awesome item on Underlord.

Necronomicon. This enhances his pushing potential.

Vanguard. Great pickup before the midgame.

Armlet. Optional, can be nice with his aura.

Shiva’s Guard. Use this active right after your Pit of Malice, and when you use your ultimate on whichever poor soul.

Heart of Tarrasque. How is this item, in the late game, combo’d with his aura? Best thing since sliced bread.

This guide will be updated as the meta evolves and new strategies are discovered.

Did you have a particular build on Underlord back in Dota 1? Do you or your friends have any cool ideas on how to play him? Please let us know below, and we’ll keep updating this article!

Esmée Odyssevs
Excesstigress is a streamer, speedrunner, doto tryhard, ex programmer, also occasionally provides press coverage at tournaments and LANs. If you multiply her Steam hours by minimum wage, you could afford a gently used Aventador.