Riot Games released a teaser from their upcoming champion titled “Taliyah: Homecoming”. What does this short video mean?

[youtube] Long story short: Taliyah is a stone mage (some people are calling her “the stone weaver”) and her home is Shurima. She left the city when she was younger to protect her family from her because she wasn’t able to control her power; she was afraid to hurt someone. She was captured by a Noxus captain, however, she escaped by diving in the salty ocean, she swam away and landed on a beach before travellingto the mountains. Taliyah almost killed a man named Yasuo by blocking and deflecting an avalanche on him. She became Yasuo’s student and faced a great Ionian snow lion that made her realize that she has to accept her power instead of rejecting them. Taliyah heard rumors about the return of a bird-god named Azir that wants to uproot Shurima’s lost cities and seeked new slaves who happens to be Taliyah’s family. Taliyah decided to cease her training with Yasuo to be able to return to Shurima.
So what we see in the teaser is simply Taliyah confirming that the rumors of a bird god were true, and then deciding to head back to Shurima. If you want to know more about that lore, click here.

My thoughts about the champion in-game

After reading the lore and doing some research about champions associated with Shurima, I want to express my personal opinion about what Taliyah could be: a support.

First of all, if you read the lore, you’ll see that Taliyah is the type of person that wants to protect others, not fight to kill. In the lore, she doesn’t seem to use any big damaging spell and there are a few examples where she defends other people. The best one is in the inn when Yasuo is killing every guard, while she lays down a field of sharp stone to keep the guards away while knocking air in the captains while Yasuo killed them. Additionally, the lore also describes how protective she is and how she’s not able to kill or simply let someone die (which is basically the role of a support).

Secondly, if you look at the champions who are affiliated with Shurima, there are no supports at all. There is Rammus / Nasus / Renekton at the top lane, Rek’sai / Skarner / Amumu at the jungle, Azir / Xerath at the mid lane and Sivir as ADC. There are other champions that share a connection with Shurima, but they aren’t true supports. So I truly believe that we now have Taliyah,  a true support from Shurima, the one that will help her people to avoid slavery. What are your thoughts about Taliyah? Would you choose to play her?



Cedric “spyroripto” Fortin

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