Tarzaned discusses reaching #1 on the ranked ladder, content creation, and if he’d ever go pro

Tarzaned discusses reaching #1 on the ranked ladder, content creation, and whether he'll ever go pro

This week, Daily Esports is brought to you by Higher Level Gaming, the only training site that puts out highly focused, curated, professional-grade level esports training that’s accessible for players of all skill levels. The below interview was provided by our sponsor.

We are here with our final interview in the Higher Level Gaming content creator series. For this final edition, we got to chat with former #1 ranked League of Legends player in the world, Tarzaned.

Tarzaned (real name Julian) is known for his strong persona and high-level League of Legends mechanical gameplay. He recently became the player with the most ranked LP in the world (and the most in North American history). He is currently a full-time content creator and streamer and has been making instructional content for Higher Level Gaming.

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is Julian but I play league under the name of “Tarzaned”. I grew up playing sports and gaming. Transitioned away from sports when I was near my early 20’s and have been in love with League ever since.

How long have you been playing League of Legends and how did you discover the game?

I discovered League in high school when a friend told me I would be addicted to the game. I gave it a try and didn’t like it at all till I eventually got bored and actually started trying. Started playing since Season 2 but started REALLY playing in Season 4.

Besides just being really skilled at the game, what does it take to get to #1 in the region?

Skill and mechanics are always a benefit in League but nowadays, decision-making and game knowledge play a huge role as well. Having a good mental also helps.

A few months ago, you had the highest LP in the world by a decent margin. Do you strive for those kinds of achievements or do they just happen as a by-product of playing so well at such a high level?

This was the first season in which I tried to peak in LP. Surprisingly enough, I actually made it to the highest LP any NA player has ever gotten. Since I don’t have intentions of going pro, I always try to push myself and go for achievements in solo queue.

Have you ever made an effort to go pro?

As I previously mentioned, I don’t think I have intentions of going pro unless the offer would be life-changing. I’m satisfied with content creating and streaming.

Speaking of content creation, you’ve recently been producing instructional content for Higher Level Gaming. Can you break down why you believe in HLG and what kind of content viewers can expect?

HLG has been a great experience both internally and externally. Jimmy has been nothing but direct and kind to me which really inspired me for the partnership. My viewers can see videos of me coaching, simply playing solo queue with commentary, or even games of me going Rank 1 (again). HLG was a great experience and I’m always down to collaborate again.

HLG recently switched from a paid model to being completely free to watch. How do you feel about that change in direction?

I think it’s a great idea if the target audience is there. HLG is like a more structured version of YouTube and making it also free will only make the website more successful.


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