Team Dignitas swapped Jonathan “Wubby” Gunnarsson for Alexander “AlexTheProG” Grumstrup.

According to the organization, Wubby has been released from his contract and will most likely try to join a new team. Other teams can offer him a new contract without having to buyout his contract. This gives him more chances to play for a new big team in the following weeks. However, the team said that the situation is not due to performance issues from Wubby. Fans can still be happy.

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The organization stated in the press release following the announcement that “It is [their] declared goal to challenge the Asian Heroes world elite at the upcoming Summer Globals at Dreamhack Summer. Unfortunately since [their] Katowice victory, his [teammates] felt Wubby no longer shared their motivation and drive to reach this goal.”

Even if getting replaced, the player can leave with his head held high. He was in Dignitas since February and the team had performed very well since then. Securing first place at the ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship Katowice in March, therefore getting a spot in  the Global Championship. The team also took first place at the ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship Leicester against other Europeans team and showed very dominating performances..


AlexTheProG was formerly in Na’Vi playing the flex role. He had been playing for Na’Vi since the beginning of July 2015. The team, however, disbanded a week ago due to not achieving success like they would have wanted to. You can read about the disband here.

The team has dominated the European Heroes scene for the last months, winning pretty much every event they went to. However, Asians teams dominated last international, the highest European team was Dignitas who took the 6th spot. Do you think that this roster change can benefit the organization and give Europe their first champions in an international event?


Guillaume “BigBalls” Poulin

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