Team Empire at its finest

A dominating performance, that’s what Team Empire showed us in the recent qualifying rounds for the CIS region. They’ve finished the whole event with no defeat. Is this the comeback that we’re all waiting for?

Taking a glimpse on the recent qualifying rounds, 8 teams are suppose to compete. Internet connection issue forced Virtus.Pro to forfeit their games. Most of us thought that they will pull it through and will secure a trip to China.  They finished 0-2 at the end of the said event.

Apart from Team Empire, Team Effect surprised us all too. They finished the group stage with no defeat. The said team prevailed against the powerhouse Vega Squadron in a 2-0 victory in the playoffs. Both teams are playing with their new rosters.

CIS region qualifying round

CIS region had an exciting qualifying round finals, a match up with two underrated team, Team Empire and Team Effect. Looking back on their matches, Game 1 was really a tough 40 minutes fight, proudly Team Effect managed to win the game with a close score of 20-19 in favor of TS, Sedoy’s Lone Druid prevail and had the highest kill and networth at the end of the game.

In game 2, it’s Team Empire who took the game with a fn!’s Magnus and Chappie’s Terrorblade. The deciding match approached, the game 3. The game that will decide on who will have a ticket to China and conquer on the upcoming DAC 2017. It was a short but action packed match, the tension can be felt on both sides since this game will decide their destiny and one DAC journey will about to end. Both teams had a pushing strat and this is their line up, Team Empire: Chaos Knight, Sniper, Broodmother, Dazzle and Ogre Magi. Team Effect: Drow Ranger, Puck, Slardar, Weaver and Shadow Demon.

Based on their heroes, they can easily turn the table, one team wipe can lead into a tower and barracks destruction that’s why both teams were very sure and careful about their movements. However, Team Empire still got the ‘W’ over Team Effect with a 15-13 victory in a 32 minutes match.

Dota Asia Championship 2017

We will now see Team Empire hitting the International stage once again, they will represent the CIS region on the upcoming Dota Asia Championship 2017. Who will be the next DAC champions? Nevertheless, qualifying for this prestigious tournament is already an achievement.

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