GamerLegion new roster

The German organization GamerLegion (GL) has recently revealed they will be joining the Prime League. After their previous League of Legends roster resigned on Dec. 31, 2019, the organization had been searching to replace them ahead of the Prime League starting up again.

Familiar faces

The new GamerLegion roster is headlined by none other than Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss. Hjarnan was formerly part of several of the top League of Legends European Championship (LEC) teams. These included Team Vitality, H2K-Gaming, G2 Esports, Roccat, and Excel Esports. Now, however, he is making a bold move by leading this new team in the German Prime League.

Hjarnan will be joined by former Mousesports players Adrian “Nite” Spahiu and Jochem “Rabble” van Graafleiland. Nite is the team’s new mid laner, while Rabble will join in the Jungle position. This mid-jungle duo has been together since Sept. 2018, starting out their time together on the AeQ Esports roster. While Rabble and Nite have so far only competed on the amateur level of League of Legends, this is the time they are looking to change that.

Finalizing the GamerLegion roster

Also joining the German team are Christian “Phones” Sieg in the top lane and Markus “Deliverypanda” Appelhoff, the new head coach of the roster. DeliveryPanda and Phones previously worked together throughout 2019 on the roster of Ad Hoc Gaming.

Benjamin “Visdom” Ruberg Larsen and Friedemann “Tool” Berkes will finalize the GamerLegion roster. Visdom will serve as the starting support player of the roster, with Tool becoming the substitute player for the team.

With all roster moves complete, the roster now looks like this:

  • Top: Phones
  • Jungle: Rabble
  • Mid: Nite
  • Bot: Hjarnan
  • Support: Visdom
  • Substitute: Tool
  • Head Coach: DeliveryPanda

The competition for the League of Legends Prime League is shaping up to be very strong. Make sure to read more about GamerLegion’s biggest competition so far, Mousesports and their new roster.

Arend Zijdenbos
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