Team Liquid is crowned champion of the first ever Epicenter Tournament after a long and tedious battle against Chinese Titan Team Newbee.  In the best of five finals match up, both teams prove themselves worthy after going through the preliminary matches with hardly a scratch.

Game one looked promising for team Newbee as they managed to get first blood with an early smoke and destroying towers. However, Team Liquid was silently creeping in statistically forcing a GG merely twenty seven minutes in.

Game two saw a much less exciting fight. It was a slow paced match with both teams cautiously awaiting a big play. Team Liquid playing objectively by securing all tier towers. However it was a massive mid clash that led to a team wipe giving Newbee a win.

Game three was again a battle of wits as both teams held on to their objectives. Team Newbee was clearly at an advantage here by constantly winning team fights. Team Liquid kept their pace and they had some highlights. Unfortunately, Team Newbee proved themselves more powerful in this fight forcing a GG and ending the game.

Team Liquid did not want to give up Game Four just yet. With a rather strange lineup for both teams, they came out much more aggressive. Team Liquid secured themselves a victory, and forced out a game five. It looked like it could go both ways.

With both teams performing superbly the whole series, it was hard to tell which team would take home the crown. Team Liquid stuck to their aggressive play once again forcing fights early game. Newbee seemed more comfortable playing safe and squashing Team Liquid by winning valuable clashes. However this risk by TL proved successful as they managed to get an aegis late game allowing for a high ground push ultimately winning the series 3-2.

With Epicenter being such a huge success, we are definitely looking forward to the Manila Majors. If this keeps up, The International will definitely be a lot more exciting this year!

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