The post summer championship shuffle continues as Team Naventic drops McIntyre.

McIntyreMcIntyre was left behind by the Naventic organization after their elimination to eStar Gaming in the DreamHack Summer in Sweden. Naventic released a statement last night:

”When Naventic was formed, it has always been our goal to be the best, not just the best in North America, but the best in the world. It is no secret the competition in the Asian scenes is incredibly strong and in order for us to compete and win over with those teams, we felt a change was needed.”

Wolf Schröder also tweeted about the news :

Kenma, McIntyre’s former teammate, also released a brief statement where he gave the possible reason why he was given a gentle nudge out of the team:

Mc I feel has a leader attitude and doesn’t follow shotcalls well, I think he’ll do much better on a team in a leadership or shotcalling position, and have high hopes he will continue in the scene if he chooses to.

The flex player was an original member of the team formerly knew as ”Bob Ross Fan Club”. They became Team Naventic when the organization picked them up in February 2015. This year, they had an overall successful season. They shook the NA scene by defeating Cloud9 and Heroes Rising. But as stated by the organization, dominating NA scene was not enough. They felt like the change was necessary to be able to compete with the more ferocious Asian teams.

The team as yet to announce a replacement for McIntyre. As numerous roster changes are happening right now on the HotS scene, it is unlikely that teams will settle with new players right away. Same goes for McIntyre who will wait and see what offer he get from all the shuffling teams.

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