TFT Economy Guide: How to get gold fast in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Gold Guide: How to Get Gold Fast

Gold income is an integral part of Riot’s new game, Teamfight Tactics. Players use gold to buy champions, purchase experience to gain levels, and reroll their champion pools to find their perfect fits. Having as much gold as possible is the key to a successful run and players can always use a boost to their economy. This guide will give you some tips and tricks to improve your economic strategy in Teamfight Tactics.

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Early game spending and interest

It is tempting to spend money in your early rounds looking for duplicate champions or rerolling to build a certain synergy, but that might not be your best option. It is usually not the way to go unless your strategy involves a lot of tier 1 (1-gold) units. As you level up, your shop contains higher-tiered units. Therefore, if you need a lot of tier 1 units, that is one of the few times that it would be worth it to spend gold on rerolling early on in the game.

Teamfight Tactics Gold Guide: How to Get Gold Fast

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If that is not the case, then you want to focus on gaining interest. Interest in Teamfight Tactics pays you 1 extra gold at the end of each round per 10 gold you hold in your bank. For instance, if you have 20 gold at the end of a round, you gain 2 extra gold for the next round. The interest amount is also not rounded up in any case. So, if you have 29 gold at the end of a round, you will still only get 2 extra. To get 3 extra gold, you need to hit the 30 gold mark.

Interest is capped at 5 extra gold. This means that if you have 60 gold, you will only get 5 extra gold, not 6 at the start of the next round. A lot of players strive to get to this point as 5 extra gold is a lot of money in Teamfight Tactics. It takes a while to accumulate the 50 gold, which is why you should focus on it early.

Tips for boosting your economy in the mid game

Mid game and transitioning is usually the toughest part of Teamfight Tactics. This is the point where you are usually committing to a composition. Knowing your composition means knowing which champions you are looking for. Our tip to you is to still be cautious with that reroll button, no matter how shiny it looks or how close you are to 3-starring your units.

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Instead of spamming the reroll button and praying to RN-Jesus, you can use leftover money another way. If you have 25 gold, but don’t have any units on the bench you want to part with, spend it. Just maybe not on rerolling. You can buy the champions in your shop with your leftover gold before you go under 20 gold. This insures that you still maintain your 2-gold interest and it also removes those excess champions from your next round’s roll.

For those who may not know, there are a limited number of each champion in the game. So if you are looking for a Brand to round out your elementalists, but a Draven shows up — buy him! This will keep you above 20 gold, and it will remove one Draven from the champion pool. This increases your odds to find the Brand you may be looking for. Draven can be sold back once you need the money.

Streaking — no, not the naked kind

Teamfight Tactics has a win streak and lose streak bonus. The more rounds you win or lose in a row, the more gold you get between rounds. If you are looking to boost your income, you may want to avoid flipping your streak constantly. Try to snowball your win streak or stick with a losing streak. Just be careful if you’re on a losing streak; you can’t spend money once you lose.

Teamfight Tactics Gold Guide: How to Get Gold Fast

Tooltip showing streaks (expected in patch 9.14). Credit: Riot Games

Late-game gold

Once you have transitioned into the late game, gold spending becomes situational. If you have a lead and are winning games, keep saving money and looking for your champions slowly. Is it desperation time? Then go all-in with rerolls or buying experience points — whatever it takes to stay in the game. You don’t want to be caught being frugal in the late game. Your team will suffer, and so will your hit points.

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