Teamfight Tactics 11.2

Riot Games is making some changes to Teamfight Tactics right before the start of The Festival of Beasts Mid-Set. According to them, this Mid-Set will be quite impactful as they swap out some of the roster from the first half of Fates. With this upcoming Teamfight Tactics patch 11.2, players are going to be introduced to seven new traits and 20 champions, while saying goodbye to over 20 of them.

Adding on to the update, TFT Players will also experience a soft ranked reset on January 21 alongside Set 4.5. It’s only the calm before the storm right behind Patch 11.2, so players should give themselves enough time to adjust to the upcoming changes and to finish their ranked grind before the deadline.

Welcoming the new champions and traits

As the new year rolls in, players will be seeing newer champions join in with this giant mid-set update. There will be a handful of traits and champions to welcome in. These new, unfamiliar traits are Blacksmith, Daredevil, Dragonsoul, Executioner, Fabled, Slayer, and Syphoner. A complete description of each trait can be found on the official Teamfight Tactics website, alongside some helpful examples of each.


  • A 3/6/9 piece trait that empowers your champions with a powerful dragon buff that grants stats and a powerful Dragonflames attack.


  • Brand: Tier 1 Mage, 1 Cost
  • Tristana: Tier 1 Sharpshooter, 1 Cost
  • Braum: Tier 2 Vanguard, 2 Cost
  • Shyvana: Tier 3 Brawler, 3 Cost
  • Olaf: Tier 4 Slayer, 4 Cost
  • Aurelion Sol: Tier 4 Mage, 4 Cost
  • Swain: Tier 5 Syphoner, 5 Cost


  • This is a 3 piece trait with exactly 3 champions in it, so players will either need all 3 champs or a Fabled Chosen. Each Fabled champion gains an additional, unique effect that powers up their ability when the trait is active.


  • Nautilus: Tier 2 Vanguard, 2 Cost
  • Neeko: Tier 3 Mystic, 3 Cost
  • Cho’Gath: Tier 4 Brawler, 4 Cost


  •  This is a 2/4 piece trait that is all about providing sustain to your team. When the trait is active, the whole team will get some healing via damage done, but the Syphoners get a much larger amount.


  • Nasus: Tier 1 Divine, 1 Cost
  • Vladimir: Tier 2 Cultist, 2 Cost
  • Morgana: Tier 4 Enlightened, 4 Cost
  • Swain: Tier 5 Dragonblood, 5 Cost


  • This is a 2/4/6 trait with 5 champions in it, so to hit that 6 piece, you’ll need a chosen. Typically, Slayers gain Lifesteal and deal bonus damage.


  • Zed: Tier 2 Ninja, 2 Cost
  • Darius: Tier 3 Fortune, 3 Cost
  • Olaf: Tier 4 Dragonblood, 4 Cost
  • Tryndamere: Tier 4 Warlord Duelist, 4 Cost
  • Samira: Tier 5 Daredevil Sharpshooter, 5 Cost


  • This is a  2/3/4 trait from a group of high-cost units.


  • Kindred: Tier 3 Spirit, 3 Cost
  • Kayle: Tier 4 Divine, 4 Cost
  • Xayah: Tier 4 Elderwood Keeper, 4 Cost

Saying goodbye to current champions

As older champions leave, newer ones replace them. Champions such as Ahri, Ezreal, Jhin, and Lux are only a few of the many champions chosen to leave for this upcoming Mid-Set. Additionally, traits such as Shade, Tormented, and Dusk are also leaving after the update.

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