Gamer Couples – How Do They Work?

There are many kinds of couples in the world. Traveling couples, artistic couples, dancing couples and much more. But one unique and amazing type of couples are the GAMER COUPLES. Well, they say that “The couple that plays together, stays together”. But what are the advantages of loving someone, who is also a gamer like you? Let’s find out!


  1. You learn how to cooperate: Cooperation is one of the most important things in video games. If you guys are good at cooperating in the game, you might apply it to real life as well.


  1. You realize how important spending time with each other is: You’ll realize that your time together is what’s important. Not about winning or losing the game.


  1. Your communication is at its max: While playing with your partner, both of you always communicate with each other. Telling him/her what to do, where to go, and stuff related to the game. And that boosts your communication levels!


How They Differ From Normal Couples

Those are three of the many advantages of being a gamer couple. And now, let’s find out what makes them unique.


  1. Some of them meet in-game: Multiplayer, PvP, or MOBA games let you meet other players from different places. Out of the thousand male gamers out there, there’s a 5 percent chance that you’ll get to play with a female. And that’s when the male, starts to know the girl, they start dating each other through playing until they become couples.


  1. These are what they mean by relationship goals: Just by spending time through playing multiplayer with each other, their bond becomes stronger. You don’t need to go out to the park just to spend time. Both of you could just sit down place your hands on the keyboard and start playing.


  1. Their problems are different from normal relationships: In normal relationships, they have problems like cheating, jealousy and other personal things. Problems on gamer couples are really different. They worry about how to pass the level, how to solve the puzzle, and how to beat the game.

Gamer couple or not, it’s really not that important. What’s important is the love to each other that makes the bond unbreakable. This is just a way to improve your relationship with your lover.

Hi! Im Aaron Zandler Guillermo, 15, part of the News team. I play DOTA2 and Unturned. Dangerously Handsome, Currently studying on high school. I do martial arts, broacasting and many more :)

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