1. Make sure that you have a support to lane with you until the game reaches 5 minutes.

Why? All of us knew that the offlane isn’t easy because you will be fighting the enemies safelane where usually there’s a three hero, 1 is the carry/hitter and the other 2 is his support which will surely protect the player and will harass you until they can so definitely there will be no gold income for you. That’s the reason why you need to ask for help on the early state of game, so your allies can harass the carry that may push him away and it will be a chance for you to get some creeps.

2. Buy an Iron Talon and a Poor Man Shield.

Your support can’t stay in your lane to protect you for a long time so you need to prioritize buying these 2 items because it will enable you to farm the neutrals near you and that will be your source of income and experience gain. You can just leave that lane if you really can’t get any experience or gold and go to jungle. Aside from that, these items will give you an armor which is enough to block physical damage from the early point of game.

3. Always take the bounty rune near you.

If you’re on the hardlane, you need to be aware on getting those bounty runes, it’s so important for an offlaner especially when you can’t get creeps and gapped in level.  Aside from experience it will give you an additional gold. So it’s probably like an easy 2 creeps for you without putting yourself in danger.

4. Don’t go too far.

As a player you must know your limitations, you must know where is the safe place and where is the place that you are prone in getting killed. As long as you can, just tower hug because that’s the safest place for an offlaner like you where you can get a kill. If you really want to get some experience, hide on the trees and don’t show yourself because the supports might come and get you.

5. Put an Observer Wards on their jungle.

This is a must for you, because it will allow you to see the support’s movement and when they will about to gank you. This will give you an extra awareness since you know what they’re doing. You can easily back when they’re coming or take some creeps when they left the carry alone. Offlaner is typically stronger than carries on early game so don’t be afraid to take some creeps when the supports is out.

6. Say no to Aggressiveness.

Greediness must be removed on your vocabulary if you are playing the 3rd position. If you cannot kill one hero in one attempt don’t hesitate to back since they can turn the kill and get you. Always remember that 3 is better than 1.

7. Use Shrine Wisely.


Some players (not generalizing) often use shrine when they are low in health, but as a 3rd position player you must be wise when you are about to activate the healing shrine. You must consider that it has a long cooldown. So as an alternative buying salve isn’t a big thing compare to a shrine that has a 5 minutes duration. Shrines must be used together with your allies, but if it’s badly needed don’t hesitate to do so. But if you can just run back home, just regen on your well.

8. Always bring a Teleportation Scroll.

Well, all players need this stuff, but as an offlaner you can use it to escape death especially when your opponents run out of skills you can just teleport back home right on their faces.

9. Buy an Infused Raindrops.

ome players don’t know the importance of this item, well it’s like using chemotherapy to cure cancer because it will block a lot of magic skills. Back when, I told you to buy an Iron talon and Poor Man shield to block physical damage, and the partner of those items is infused raindrops so you can block physical damage and magical damage as well.

10. Pick the best hero for the specific game.

This is my last pick, you must be wise picking a hero that you will use to offlane. First, you must consider if it’s easy to gank and can’t stand a lane where three heroes often gather. Second, you must consider your teammates heroes, as you know offlane heroes are usually the setter so definitely you must pick an offlane that can improve your teammates skills like Magnus for Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut, Anti-Mage etc, Dark Seer for wombo combo. You must be wise. Lastly, you must know the heroes capability, you can’t play Invoker offlane, you can’t play slark offlane. You must be knowledgeable about heroes because there are specific heroes that’s created to play offlane.

Reminder: This is just a tips. Your own moves will dictate the game.

I'm just a lonely DotA 2 Player trying to be a pro. :)