TNC made history for being the first PH brand to qualify for The International

With TNC qualifying for The International, they have left a mark in the history of PH Dota 2’s competitive scene. After Mski-Dota was invited in the very first TI back in 2011, Filipino pro teams have been struggling to take a spot in the most prestigious tournament endorsed by Valve. Filipino fans have to wait no more for the team in orange is about to bring the country’s flag in the battleground of Champions in Seattle.
The SEA Qualifier was not a walk in the park for TNC. In a three-way tie with Fnatic and Execration, TNC had to resiliently contest for the first place in the round-robin stage in order to set foot in Seattle’s KeyArena. With a scoreline of 7-2, the multiple rounds of forced tiebreakers were gruelingly battled by these teams who showcased their unique team plays and competitive strategies to take the opponents throne. Among these teams, TNC stood out and claimed the first qualifier spot at the main event.

They were able to beat Fnatic early and brought them against their fellow Filipino team, Execration, for a golden ticket to the TI6. Although TNC fell behind early in the do-or-die game, they managed to bring back the momentum with perfectly executed fights. The two 50-plus minute games against Execration were both in favor of TNC and proved themselves to be the best in the region.

After the group stage, the teams that placed second to fifth proceed into a double-elimination bracket. The winner will also be punching their ticket on their way to The International 2016. The runner up of each double-elimination bracket from each region will have to attend the offline Wildcard event in Seattle that will transpire a few days ahead of the main event.
It’s not yet a call for a victorious party for TNC Pro Team. Being crowned as first place in the qualifiers is a tougher challenge for it opens up a harsher battlefield. They are to beef up for the main event. Early in August, they will be one of the teams eyeing for the Aegis of Champions and the prize pool amounting to almost $14 million.


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