Marc ‘Tryndamere’ Merrill posted a statement on TwitLonger apologizing for his comments and then furthering the conversation on eSports sustainability, only a day after making his controversial comment in response to Regi’s interview.

Tryndamere Explains His Comment

Tryndamere said his post was an emotional reaction that read as a direct attack. He said his initial reaction was to debate and justify Riot’s actions, and apologizes to Regi for it. He then said he wanted to focus on an issue that has been brought up: sustainability.

Tryndamere admitted that he agrees with a lot of Regi’s points. According to him, the current form of League eSports “doesn’t provide long-term security and sustainability.” He said that Riot’s aware there are more things they can do to increase leagues’ values both for the teams.

“Our 2017 plans include new in-game team-specific items with revenue-sharing for teams and pros, as well as smaller steps like working with teams to sell more jerseys – currently in the NA LCS studio store and at the summer finals in Toronto – and with the cooperation of teams, we hope to bring them to our online store as well. These are just a couple of examples and we’re exploring a lot more major steps, like league endorsements, franchising, media rights, etc.”

Tryndamere also acknowledged they “haven’t gotten the patch timings right,” and will try to communicate sooner and time patches better.

Regi Responds

Regi responded to Tryndamere’s tweet on TwitLonger with a shorter, yet even more controversial, statement. The response mentioned a proposal supposedly signed by LCS teams and players.

“Marc, I agree that these urgent issues need to be addressed immediately. There is a detailed proposal signed by NA LCS teams and players headed to your inbox today. We’ll solve these problems together.”


Teams Come Together

Following Regi’s tweet hashtagged #LCSForever, several LCS teams have come forward to express their support and show their involvement. Teams Immortals, CLG, TL, C9, Apex, Envy, P1, and NRG, have so far tweeted with #LCSForever.

It seems like teams have joined forces and stepped forward to improve the future of League. Will this finally be the start of a new League ecosystem? Stay tuned for more updates. To read about the original story, click here.

EDIT!! Regi’s TwitLonger response to Tryndamere’s comment. click here!

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