U.GG partners with LCS show This or That

This or That U.GG

In a recent blog post by Riot Games, they revealed U.GG as the newest partner of the LCS. This new partnership will mainly surround the LCS’s weekly debate show, This or That. U.GG is a company focused on the visualization of League of Legends statistics and data.

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What does U.GG bring to the community?

U.GG will have a sponsored slide in each episode of This or That for the remainder of 2019. On top of this, U.GG is set to host a live segment at the 2019 LCS Summer Finals later this year. The Summer Finals will take place on Aug. 24-25 in Detroit, Michigan.

U.GG offers various tools to the League of Legends community. A personal favorite of mine is the champion tier list, which is based on millions of League of Legends matches every patch. Another interesting statistic, which other stats-service websites do not offer, is the champions played most frequently by professionals in their solo queue matches. As seen in the current top 20, the most played champions by professionals include the return of Sylas. Sylas jungle made a huge showing at Rift Rivals last week and has gained popularity around the world since.

Top 20 Most played champions by Professionals U.GG

Image credit: https://u.gg/lol/pro-builds

Another tool U.GG offers that can benefit many League of Legends players is the statistic-based champion guides. You can use these tools to quickly find the most commonly used runes and item builds to improve your chances of winning at League of Legends.

This or That has become one of the most popular series made by Riot Games since airing back in 2016. Back then, it started as part of PrimeTime League, a show then hosted by Riot Games to highlight and give insights into the growing League of Legends scene. Nowadays, This or That is a show hosted every Thursday on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. Currently, LCS shoutcasters Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler and Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines host the show.

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