Vodafone Giants Gig Rainbow Six Siege

Earlier this month, the Vodafone Giants acquired the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Asia Pacific Championship roster, formerly known as Aerowolf. However, no team is complete without a coach to lead them. On Thursday, a tweet by the Vodafone Giants revealed the new head coach of the Rainbow Six Siege roster.

The new head coach

Ellis “GiG” Hindle is a British Rainbow Six Siege coach. Before joining the Vodafone Giants roster, Gig led the Natus Vincere (Navi) team to success. During his time with Navi, the players managed to win the ESL Premiership league in Spring, Summer, and Winter of 2019. Gig and Navi’s most significant success, however, was their victory in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 10. Under Gig’s leadership, Navi won both the regular season of Europe and the worldwide finals, taking home the grand prize of $100,000.

Gig will be working with the new Vodafone Giants roster throughout 2020. The main goal of the team will be to make their upcoming run at the Six Invitational a success. The Six Invitational takes place starting February 7, with the finals of the event being held on February 16.

Vodafone Giants’ history in Rainbow Six Siege

The Vodafone Giants organization has been involved in the Rainbow Six Siege scene for several years now. The first roster signed to the organization was the Spanish squad now known as Giants Spain. Of the original Giants Spain team, only two people remain with the organization. Yeray “Drid” González started as a player for the team, formerly known as Giants Gaming, who has since transitioned into the position of coach for the Giants Spain team. The other player still with the team is Álvaro “Vass1lyy” Martin, who is currently leading the new lineup of Giants Spain.

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