VR3000 Games is a token-based VR gaming platform, allowing users to play online battle games for spendable, tradable tokens. Through our VR3 Debit Card you can spend your tokens as money at any location that accepts VISA and redeem them as cash at any VISA-enabled ATM. VR 3000 Games is the first to combine games, gaming and digital, spendable tokens with our custom debit card.

• VR3000 uses 3D Scanned real people for characters instead of 3D animation characters
• VR3000 utilizes organic motion sensor suits rather than the wooden movements of competitors
• At VR300 you can wager and spend real, spendable currency in the real world

We are also introducing voice recognition software into our games allowing you to interact with characters in a way unfamiliar yet fascinating. Our Debut game release will be former Baseball star
Wes Chamberlains VR batting cage, a fun simple VR game you can play while improving your swing. A simple teaser of what is to come in 2018, We have also added a 2017 VR twist to it of course.

VRBTC WILL BE LISTED ON LEGAL EXCHANGES ONLY, and those will include the BitShares Exchange,
Orange Tulip – a new Dutch Exchange – and the STOKENS Exchange, they are all SEC & CFTCcompliant

VRBTC tokens will be available for $0.025 per token and early token buyers shall receive a 25%
bonus for early adopters. This may be one of the most exciting initial coin offerings of 2017.

VRBTC will also be available for cash via Neosurf vouchers at 150,000 stores globally.

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