xNestorio discusses Fortnite vs. Minecraft, content creation, and Higher Level Gaming

xNestorio discusses Fortnite vs. Minecraft, content creation, and Higher Level Gaming

This week, Daily Esports is brought to you by Higher Level Gaming, the only training site that puts out highly focused, curated, professional-grade level esports training that’s accessible for players of all skill levels. The below interview was provided by our sponsor.

We are back again with another interview, this time with Nestor “xNestorio” Galarza! xNestorio is a popular online creator, known primarily for his Minecraft content. He is currently invested in Fortnite and is regularly creating instructional content for Higher Level Gaming.

We spoke to xNestorio about the building aspects of Minecraft vs. Fortnite, what other games he’s currently playing, and what kind of content we can expect from him going forward with HLG!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hey! My name is Nestor Galarza and I am a Fortnite/Minecraft Content Creator on YouTuber and Twitch. I’m also currently a full-time student as a Computer Science major attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. Competitive gaming is something that’s been a passion of mine ever since I could hold a controller.

You’re currently known more as a Minecraft content creator. Why did you decide to get involved with Fortnite and how did that come to be?

A few other Minecraft content creators and I found Fortnite in its early stages before the competitive scene had gotten popular. Soon this led to us forming a small team by the name “Hydrate” to compete in the scrim community (step one scrims). The feeling of competing in a team with the game mechanics of Fortnite really got me hooked and, for a while, I took a pause on Minecraft content to only focus on practicing my Fortnite mechanics and playing as a team.

With your background in Minecraft, you must really enjoy the building aspects of Fortnite. How does that factor of building and editing make Fortnite such a unique gaming experience?

Building in Fortnite is actually quite different than building in Minecraft. I prefer and enjoy Fortnite’s building a bit more when it comes to how fast-paced and skill-based it can be to maneuver through battle situations or even tactically setup. In contract, building in Minecraft could be seen more as a lot more casual and not applied much when it comes to Player vs Player situations. The building aspect in Fortnite is definitely one of the key causes of the skill gap and fun of playing competitive.

Besides Minecraft and Fortnite, what games are keeping your interest right now?

Currently, as a software engineer, I love playing story-driven games. One day in the future I hope to develop a game of my own, so in my free time, I like to analyze and dive into the world and stories of all sorts of titles. Currently, I am revisiting Fallout 4, but some of my all-time favorites include ‘Hollow Knight’, ‘Nier Automata’, and ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’. Multiplayer-wise I, from time to time, enjoy playing Rainbow Six Siege.

You’ve recently started creating content for Higher Level Gaming, a site that provides viewers with instructional videos to improve their games. Can you tell us a little bit about what kind of content you’re creating for HLG?

The content I am currently creating for HLG ranges from playing with viewers of my Fortnite content and coaching them to playing with other Fortnite professional players and explaining our gameplay and thoughts as we go.

Why do you believe in what HLG is doing and how do you see the brand’s long-term outlook?

I am a big fan of their platform and how they provide easy accessibility of professional gaming content for all types of games. Long-term, I definitely see them reaching a lot of the gaming scene and constantly growing. Working with their team from the owner to editors, I can only speak great things about how they present themselves and have the best intentions for the site.

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