Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the gorgeous Yoni and her sweet boy – Bob. I wanted to do this interview from quite a while, since I am a fan of this streaming duo. I remember the first time I saw them – I was doing something in the Kitchen and I was looking for a new streamer to watch and there they were – the perfect duo – smiling young lady and a furrtastic sidekick, and some time ago I said to myself “well I should ask her for an interview” – luckily for me she agreed to answer my questions and here we are. Enjoy, but first, here is a quick fast info about him.

Name: Bob

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Breed: Corgi/Border Collie

Fun Fact: I saw Bob eat a spider once and praised him for it. He started to

eat spiders all the time- snapping at the ground and then chewing loudly. I

kept praising him until one day I realized there was no spider. He had been

tricking me for months.


K: Usually, you don’t hear of dogs being named Bob. What’s the story

behind his name?

Y: I adopted Bob from a shelter in New Jersey. The woman who ran the place

absolutely adored him and named him after her husband. She said they were

both cranky. I thought that was too sweet to change his name, and honestly

couldn’t find anything that suited him better.


K: When did you two meet and under what circumstances and how old was Bob

when you got him?

Y: He was roughly one year old when I found him online, and it was love at

first sight. I was living in Brooklyn at the time and took the Amtrak train

to Orange County NJ to go get him. I don’t know much about his past before

then, they said he was brought to NJ from Georgia. If I had a time machine,

the first time I would do is go back and see what he looked like as a puppy!


K: What are his favourite treats and what is his favourite type of food?

Y: A n y t h i n g. Sticks even! Apparently corgis are one of the only

breeds who will literally eat themselves to death given the chance. He

doesn’t ruin anything though, never a shoe or a toy- he’s very respectful

in that way.


K: When you take him for a walk is he a good walking buddy?

Y: Bob never really acclimated to strangers… He is wary of anyone who he

doesn’t know so I have to be extremely cautious on our walks. Besides that,

he loves to walk and explore!


K: Have you ever thought of getting a feline or other type of friend for


Y: Bob hates cats. It’s like a cartoon chase scene as soon as he sees one.

I’ve considered getting a second dog but he gets very jealous and attack-y

if I even point at another dog and say “aww.” Plus it’s really hard for a

second dog to live up, you know? He’s the best dog I’ve ever met- what is

second dog gonna do? Lassie’s owner didn’t have a second dog, either.


K: He looks very attached to you, have you ever wondered what he does when

you are not at home with him?

Y: He is very attached. He’s been by my side pretty much since I’ve gotten

him. Luckily I’m home 95% of the time. To be honest though, he’s the same

way with all of his friends. If Bob meets you and gets attached he will

never forget you and your next meeting with him will be like one of those

YT videos where the owner comes home from war. Truthfully I’m as attached

to him as he is to me, when I moved across the country it was just me and

him. He’s really my family.


K: He seems very chilled and always by your side when you are streaming,

was he always like that?

Y: He’s always pretty calm unless someone walks close to the apartment

windows then he goes ballistic. Everyone on my stream has been scared by

Bob randomly going off before- his bark is seriously terrifying.


K: Can you describe with one word how is life with him?

Y: Hygge. Danish word for an encompassing feeling of

I hope that Yoni made you laugh as much as me, when I was originally reading her answers and I think that I will forgive Bob about his lack of love for cats, because he is such a good boy and my girl is the feline version of Bob! Stay tuned for our next interview and don’t forget to check Yoni and Bob here.

Katerina Koseva
Console Peasant since the mid 90s, Moba noob and cat addict.

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